The BASSIN QLD Series is a family based catch and release fishing tournament series, designed to promote family involvement in the family friendly atmosphere of fishing, boating and camping. BASSIN QLD has emerged from the need to have a competition series that promotes fishing, by introducing and teaching new and old competitors alike the joy … Continue reading BASSIN QLD 2006

Dealing with Bent Bass

By Jami Kanowski. What is Barotrauma ? – Barotrauma or the bends is an issue affecting many tournament and recreational anglers in Australia. It affects many deepwater species of Australian Fish including bass and will generally only be seen in fish caught in deeper water. Barotrauma is caused by the expansion of gases contained within … Continue reading Dealing with Bent Bass

BASS 2000

BASS 2000 Impoundment Techniques Move Towards the Next Century Text and photographs by Steve Morgan THE last year has seen a lot of change on the impoundments of south-east Queensland. Changing techniques, changing ideas about how fish behave and a fairly radical shift in tournament protocols; culminating in the much publicised south-east Queensland Bass Anglers … Continue reading BASS 2000