Hinze Dam BASS Electric Story & Results

The last round of the ABT bass Electric tournaments was held at Hinze Dam, Gold Coast on Sunday morning the 18th of September 2005.

Conditions on the Gold Coast the day before were extreme, with gale force westerly winds whipping down the dam. It was looking good for a surfing contest, not a bass fish. Fortunately on Saturday evening the wind dropped off, and it was almost calm at sunset.

The next morning saw only a light breeze in the treetops as the competitors arrived at
the ramp for the 7 a.m. start. Organisers were pleased by the good turn up, with 38 individuals registering, mostly in shared boats. The fleet headed off up the western arm, which would have been interesting if the wind had started again.

However, conditions remained good all morning; the first to return appeared about midday at the weigh in.
There was a good turn up of experienced competitors in the line up, so it was no surprise to see some good bags recorded. All fish were in good condition, and appeared well fed. A number of fish around the kilo mark were weighed in, with Tri Vi Ton landing the Big Bass.

Keil Okaokatiki was the overall winner, with 2/2 limit for 2.42kg. Using a Jackall Mask to good effect Keil fish the bottom with a slow methodical presentation to fill his bag. Tri and several other anglers also used Jackals.

Naturally there were a few missed opportunities, with several larger fish lost at the boat. There was another attack of the Hinze mystery fish, which could have been a large bass but was probably a ‘toga or cod, making the angler’s drag sing as it got away.

The competition was run by volunteers from the Australian Bass Association, which received a welcome donation for fish stocking in the area from ABT.

Robert Anderson.

Place Angler Fish Weight Prize
1 Keil Okaokaiti 2 2.42 Prize Pack + Qualify
2 James Essery 2 2.2 Prize Pack + Qualify
2 Peter Herbst 2 2.2 Prize Pack
3 Colin Singleton 2 2.02 Prize Pack
4 Jono Amos 2 1.94 Prize Pack + Qualify
5 Tri Ton 2 1.82 Prize Pack + Big Bass Prize Pack
6 John Ski 1 1.9
7 Ian Galloway 2 1.78
8 Gary Sturdy 2 1.72 Qualify
9 Alex Baranff 2 1.66
10 Mark Small 2 1.64 Qualify
11 Mike Weger 2 1.6
12 David Low 2 1.58
13 Adrian Melchior 2 1.52
14 Hammish Dutton 2 1.46
15 Wayne Beggs 2 1.38
16 Troy Ward 2 1.36
17 Ricky Simmons 2 1.34
18 Jesper Noisen 2 1.32
19 Luke Sirett 2 1.28
20 Paul Gray 2 1.19