Creighton Cracks Maroon Code – BASS Electric 21 August 2005

A cool crisp morning and clear skies greeted a small but enthusiastic group of twenty-nine anglers for Round 22 of the BASS Electric Series held at held at Maroon Dam on Sunday August 21st.

Despite dropping water levels and one of the worst Blue Green Algal blooms seen in recent times, Maroon’s sometimes fickle Bass were quite forthcoming with twenty-five of the competitors weighing a total of thirty-six fish.

It was also encouraging to see the average size of the fish captured during this tournament well up on those held previously at Maroon, however rain and lots of it is needed to reinstate this lake as one the states premier Bass fisheries.

This tournament belonged to fifty-four year old Boonah local Mike Creigthon who out-fished his rivals posting a 1.80kg limit and chalked up his maiden ABT victory.

Tony Van Rooy came in second with 1.59kg while Nicole Jovanovic (1.4kg), GaryFooks (1.4kg) and William Schloss (1.39kg) rounded out the top five placings.

When asked too devulge his secrets Creighton explained;

“I pre-fished the dam and found the bigger fish to be in the shallows. There were a lot of guys targeting the deeper schooling fish but most of the time I find them to be quite small and of similar size. It seems the class of ‘95 doesn’t mix well with the class of ‘98, for some reason.”

Creighton’s winning pattern consisted of placing the boat in six to eight feet of water and lobbing a three inch Auspin D-Grub rigged on a quarter ounce Nitro Jig Head into the numerous shallow weedy flats and edges located in the top half of the dam.

It was then matter of using a very slow retrieve, punctuated by the occasional twitch and pause. This technique proved the undoing of eight fish for the session including the 1.0kg Big Bass which anchored Creightons bag.

In fact the Big Bass prize was shared between Creighton and his fishing partner for the day Peter Truer who also netted a 1.0kg fish using the same technique capping a memorable days fishing for the duo.

Creighton delivered his offering with a seven foot G-Loomis 8401 Popping Rod matched with a Team Daiwa 1500 reel loaded with 6lb Fireline.

Runner up, forty-one year old Woodridge resident Tony Van Rooy also benefited from fishing the shallows, his approach however differed slightly from Creighton’s as his lure of choice was the ever popular Jackall TN60 in a “light green” colour.

Van Rooy fished the weedy fringes of the lake, west of Pointrow and, like Creighton, found a dead slow retrieve with a few pauses thrown in induced the most strikes.

Van Rooy’s tackle consisted of a six foot six Strudwick Sic Stic rod coupled with a Penn Applause 1000 reel loaded with 4lb Fireline and 14lb Vanish leader.

1 Mike Creighton 2 1.80 Pack
2 Tony Van Rooy 2 1.59 Pack
3 Gary Fooks 2 1.40 Pack
3 Nicole Jovanovic 2 1.40 Pack
5 William Schloss 2 1.39 Pack
6 Max Strong 2 1.38
6 Troy Ward 2 1.38
8 Jeremy Wakelin 2 1.30
8 Rod Harrison 2 1.30
10 Barry Oxford 2 1.22
11 Cameron Ball 2 1.20
12 Alex Baranoff 2 1.15
13 Justin Welsh 2 1.06
14 Ray Power 2 1.04
15 Bill Schloss 2 1.03
16 Peter Truer 1 1.00
17 Peter Keidge 1 0.62
18 Dave Bullard 1 0.60
19 Ben Banks 1 0.58
20 Steve McLean 1 0.51
20 Dean Patchett 1 0.51
20 Jo Allen 1 0.51
20 Charles West 1 0.51
20 Trevoe Schloss 1 0.51
20 John Ski 1 0.51