Press Release- ABT Decides Future and Business Direction for 2014

By ABT (Australian Bass Tournaments P/L)
Friday, November 22, 2013

Shailer Park, QLD- Australian Bass Tournaments (ABT) provides
multi species catch-and-release tournaments to anglers across Australia.
Since 1999 ABT has grown from a handful of tournaments to multiple tournament
series involving thousands of anglers.

ABT’s mission is to provide anglers, and
the industry, with a premier, catch and release tournament circuits that the
industry in an ethically responsible manner. Catch and release lure fishing has
gained traction with the wider angling community and subsequently is educating
generations of anglers to participate and enjoy angling..

Communication and dissemination of successful
tackle and techniques is the key element to making the successful anglers
role-models for the wider angling community. ABT’s motto “Who Shares Wins”
remains the cornerstone of this principle.


Recent challenges have seen ABT
restructured with the goal of making the business better organised for its
present needs. These changes are integral to the long term viability of ABT. As
a result of these changes ABT can focus better on its core business whilst
maximising the variety of opportunities available. This ultimately translates
to exciting new opportunities for both anglers and sponsors.

The overall number of events is set to be
reduced in 2014. The silver lining to the cloud is that a reduction in the
number of events will see an increase in quality with a growing list of new
media, features and opportunities being introduced to benefit anglers,
spectators and sponsors. Other areas of business such as the membership,
Tournament Angler Guide, and staffing are being restructured, a change that will
deliver greater financial viability to ABT and enable the freeing up of
resources to enable the development of new industry-leading practices and

With unparallel experience, historical
data, infrastructure and access to all forms of media, ABT remains at the
forefront of tournament fishing in Australia. The 2014 calendar is
rapidly emerging and is set to deliver anglers and sponsors amazing
opportunities via a cross section of media platforms and digital technology.


In the next week ABT will release a more
detailed plan of what it has to offer for 2014. Included in that will be a
draft calendar, detailing the number of events for each series, and the broad
areas in which those events will be held.

A more detailed final calendar will be
released prior to Christmas with the new tournament season predicted to start
in February, 2014.

While the events of 2013 have hit ABT hard
we are invigorated by the opportunity that has been presented to us. The
opportunity to evolve, to strive for bigger and better things, and to deliver
anglers the ultimate tournament fishing experience and for associated
businesses and industries to continue to reap the rewards.