Moogerah Dam BASS Electric – 24-25 August

Moogerah Dam firing over the last month, there were positive signs that there
would be some good bags weighed in at the first ever two-day event held at the
dam. Well, it turned out to be two beautiful days on the water, with just about
glassed-out conditions and hot days.

The fish
also turned it on with 34 anglers weighing in 67 bass over the two days. While
some anglers had a great first day and struggled on day two for others it was
the opposite. But one angler managed to put two great days together and
bettered the rest of the field by over 1kg. After leading on day one Brett
Kleinschmidt went back into the timber on the flats and did what worked on the
first day, long casts with a 1/4oz jighead rigged with a Kietech plastic.

would start by slow roll it along the bottom, where he would get little taps.
The key was to keep winding as the bass would come back and hit the lure.
Kleinschmidt caught around five bass on day one including two kicker fish that
gave him a total of 3.395kg. Brett increased his lead on day two as his
hot-spot really fired up, catching about twenty bass in total and weighing
another good bag of 2.770kg, giving him a total of 6.165kg for the event.

Coming in
second was Joseph Urqhart. Weighing in 5.110kg, Urqhart got his first day bag
by ice-jigging up against trees where he found bait balls. On day two he fished
the same area as Kleinschmidt using the same technique, and nailed some good
bass including several upgrades.

Coming in
third was Ben Biggs, with 4.965kg. Fourth was Tom Reynolds at 4.935kg and
rounding out the top five was Dean Thompson bagging 4.235kg.

Big bass
went to Stuart France who nailed a solid fish on day one weighing 2.145kg.
Stuart got it casting Fish Arrow lipless crankbaits to the edges.

Thanks to
all who attended. It was a great time and I got to have a fish and actually
catch some! Thanks to my brother Simon for bringing all the kit, and Jack Gold
for helping out. Also good to see some young anglers out there for the two days
and showing up some of us more experienced anglers, well done.


Angler Day 1 Day 2 Total
1 Brett
2/2  3.395kg 2/2  2.770kg 4/4  6.165kg
2 Joseph
2/2  2.275kg  2/2 
4/4  5.110kg
3 Ben
2/2  2.110kg 2/2  2.855kg 4/4  4.965kg
4 Tom
2/2  2.055kg 2/2  2.880kg 4/4  4.935kg
5 Dean
2/2  2.175kg 2/2  2.060kg 4/4  4.235kg
6 Shaun
2/2  1.985kg 2/2  2.095kg 4/4  4.080
7 Natasha
2/2  2.275kg 1/2  1.710kg 3/4  3.985kg
8  Jason Ehrlich 2/2  1.790kg 2/2  1.990kg 4/4  3.780kg
9  Simon Saint 2/2  2.610kg 1/2  .990gms 3/4  3.600kg
10  Blake Ehrlich 2/2  1.790kg 2/2  3.455kg 4/4  3.455kg
11  Adrian Manolea 2/2  2.265kg 1/2   1.140kg 3/4   3.405
12  Nathan Swanson 2/2  2.000kg 1/2   .995gms 3/4   2.995kg
13  Rory Saint 2/2  1.930kg 1/2   .955gms 3/4   2.885kg
14  Stuart France 2/2  2.790kg 0/2 2/4  2.790kg
Big Bass
15   Christian Manolea 2/2  1.420kg 1/2  .865gms 3/4   2.285kg
16  Andrew Baunch  2/2 
0/2 2/4  2.265kg
17  Roy Souter 1/2  .805gms 2/2  1.410kg 4/4  2.215kg
18  Jeremy McConnell 0/2 2/2  2.110kg 2/4  2.110kg
19  Cody Haynes 2/2  1.755kg 0/2 2/4  1.755kg
20  Graham Dodds 0/2 2/2
2/4  1.625kg
21  Bevan Sutherland 2/2  1.480kg 0/2 2/4  1.480kg
22  Josh Schleusener 2/2  1.400kg 0/2 2/4  1.400kg
23  Bob Butler 1/2   1.270kg 0/2 1/4   1.270kg
24  Phil Fitzgerald 0/2 1/2   1.220kg 1/4
245  Jack Gold 1/2  1.125kg 0/2 1/4   1.125kg
26  Brendon Deurloo 0/2 1/2   .850gms 1/4  .850gms
27  Dave Trinder 1/2   .820gms 0/2 1/4   .820gms