Bluefin Boats BASS Electric Series- Lake McDonald Results 4th August

Steve Turner topped the field at Lake McDonald with 2/2 fish for 2.18kg the bag cemented with the big bass for the event with a solid 1.250kg fish. Tim Steenhuis came second with 2/2 for 2.155kg and rounding out the podium was Adrian Manolea with 2.135kg for his two fish. Click through for full results.

1st Steve Turner 2/2 bass- 2.180kg and big bass- 1.250kg
2nd Tim Steenhuis 2/2 bass- 2.155kg 1st place option-up
3rd Adrian Manolea 2/2 bass- 2.135kg
4th Paul Phillips 2/2 bass- 2.030kg (big bass- 1.105kg)
5th Aidan Robertson 2/2 bass- 1.945kg
6th Christian Manolea 2/2 bass- 1.905kg
7th Tom Ackerman 2/2 bass- 1.820kg
8th Stephen Noble 2/2 bass- 1.700kg 2nd place option-up
9th Brett Kleinschmidt 2/2 bass- 1.665kg
10th Tom Reynolds 2/2 bass- 1.525kg
11th Remi Hogge 2/2 bass- 1.515kg
12th Jeremy McConnell 2/2 bass- 1.445kg
13th Callum Tewes 2/2 bass- 1.355kg
14th Dennis Shaw 2/2 bass- 1.260kg
15th Jamie Lawrenson 1/2 bass- 1.150kg
16th Robert Ottesen 1/2 bass- 1.120kg
17th Richard Holmberg 1/2 bass- 0.710kg
18th Joesph Urquhart 1/2 bass- 0.625kg 3rd place option-up
19th Adrian Wilson 1/2 bass- 0.575kg
20th Peter Bryant 1/2 bass- 0.475kg