Bass for Cash Results

Hinze Dam was host to Bass for Cash Event on Sunday 28th July.  With a strong turnout of 33 teams and keen anglers, the organizers were able to get all
boats on the water for 7.10 am start.  Weather conditions made for a challenging  session on the

Every angler was a winner before they started
the event!  A big thankyou to sponsors
Damiki and Sebile for handing out lures for trial.  Don’t forget to give feedback on the lures,
Damiki and Sebile value your input.

Stocking Committee for Hinze were there bright and early to
issue licenses and catch cards for the teams to complete.  Again your input on the day provided valuable

While you are all feeling
important about your contribution to the bass electric fishing industry, pat
yourself on the back for helping make Bass for Cash the great event that it
was.  You showed your support for Bass
Electric Fishing as well as I hope had a great day, a big thank you to all who

We can’t talk about the Bass for Cash Event without special
mention to our sponsors.

Bassman Spinnerbaits, Damiki, Keitech, Fish Arrow, Pontoon
21, Sebile, Tabs,  Barrabass Custom Rods,
and Versus Meiho.

You have shown support
for Bass Electric Fishing in Qld, the Organizers did not solicit sponsors,
these sponsors volunteered prizes and not just any prizes they donated prizes
relevant to Bass Fishing.

Bass for Cash
became more than winning some cash, it became an event showcasing some great
products along with the cash.  Our tag
from the beginning is never more pertinent than now.

“Support the Sponsors Who Support You”

Thanks to
ABT  for supplying
insurance for this event
THE LOCAL STOCKING GROUP    supplying the licences and catch cards
Lyn Galloway    (advertising  promoting)
Tournament directors for the day James and Josh
Andrew, Jesper, Adrian and Ricky

Any feedback you can give regarding the Bass for Cash Event
and experience you had will be welcomed, this could lead to further events.
The Bass for Cash Event has proven that there is strong
support from both anglers and sponsors for Bass Electric Fishing, lets keep the
momentum going.

Place Name /Teams TF TW BB
1 Shaun Falkenhagen/Matt Johnson              ACE
4 6.048 1.74
2 Dave Young/Gavin Dunn                               BASS BROTHERS 4 4.682
3 Lyons Jason /Jack Gold 4 4.344 1.562
4 Jeremy McConnell/Bevan Wilkinson 4 3.726 1.312
5 Tom Slater/Elliot Fooks                                     SEBILE 4 3.136
6 Ben Biggs/Joseph Urquhart            TORAY/SPORTYS
4 2.994
7 Hans Jensen/Paul Gray 3 2.782 1.044
8 Adrian Manolea/Chistian Manolea   IMPACT TACKLE/KEITECH 4 2.768  
9 Stuart France /Andrew Baunach                                   DAMIKI 4 2.762
10 Adrian Wilson/Mike Weger                   TACKLE
3 2.714
11 Mark Petersons/Peter Cooney 2 2.336 1.228
12 Pete Bostock/Nathan Swanson                              SWANBOSS 2 2.044
13 Charles West/David Simmons                               “270 LABEL” 2 1.828
14 Jami Kanowski/Steve Kanowski 2 1.728  
15 Jesper Noiesen/Adrian Melchior 1 1.408  
16 Darryn Love/Brad Clarke    
2 1.344  
17 Ian Galloway/Andrew Galloway                     BASS
1 0.921
18 Dean Thomson/Scott Whitfield                       SONS
1 0.884  
19 Ricky Simmons/Wayne Bundell                     PARSUN/LEGEND 1 0.822  
20 Barry Oxford/Roy Souter                       CHARLTONS
1 0.748  
21 Chris Osley/James Reid 1 0.746
22 Michael lindenmayer/Paul McHugh 1 0.712  
23 Callum Tewes/Luke Clark                                TEAM VERSUS 2 0.702  
24 Badan Sparow/Cameron 
1 0.55  
25 Steve McLean/Ken Fitzgibon                 BALLINA
1 0.521
26 Dean Wilson/ Garry Rayner                                TABS BOATS
26 Rod Shorten/John Ski      
26 Glen Casey/John Schofield                            THE HAS BEANS
26 Peter Bryant/Steve Magann 1
26 Lester Boatswain/Adrian Arms                                WHY NOT?
26 Simon Saint/Rory Saint                                         THE SAINTS      
26 John Large/ Brett Cameron                                BRAKES PLUS