Rapala Scatter Rap

Introducing the
Scatter Rap, with evasive swimming action.

The erratic Scatter
Rap perfectly mimics a spooked baitfish fleeing attack. But unlike in nature,
this one doesn’t get away. We start with classic balsa body shapes, and then
add our new Scatter Lip to create the most evasive, erratic, aggressive
sweeping action ever seen.

The Scatter Rap
Crank features Rapala’s classic crank body profile. This bass and multi-species
lure is cast out and retrieved to impart the aggressive, evasive, erratic
sweeping action that is Scatter Rap.

The Scatter Rap
CountDown body sinks at a consistent rate, over and over. Cast and counted
down, then retrieved or trolled brings to life the aggressive, evasive action.

These classic
lures with a fresh twist introduce a new dimension to fishing that predators
have never seen before; and an advantage to you as an angler.