Wivenhoe BASS Electric Results- 14th July

BASS Electric Veteran Ian Galloway claimed victory in the Lake Wivenhoe
round of the 2013 Bluefin Boats BASS Electric Series.

Compiling a 2/2, 2.80kg
limit Galloway caught his fish throwing a gold
coloured silent Jackall TN60 at a selection of bays and rock walls. He used a
Daiwa Battler rod matched to a Daiwa baitcaster reel. He said the trick was to
keep casting.

Event runner-up Sam Madelaine fished a gold coloured Jackall TN60 to the
edges. He fished near the ‘horse paddock’ targeting points and bays. Catching
seven fish for the session Madelaine upgraded multiple times, and caught his
fish using a Strudwick rod and ABU reel.

The Big Bass for the event was a tie between Ian Galloway and Sam Madelaine,
both picking up a prize with their 1.53kg kicker fish.
Overall a good event with 36 competitors hitting the water for round 14 of
the series.

1st- Ian Galloway 2/2 – 2.80kg – b/bass:
1.53kg – 1st Pro
2nd- Sam Madelaine 2/2 – 2.49kg b/bass 1.53kg
3rd- Logan Gilmore 2/2 – 2.36kg
4th- Tom Reynolds 2/2 – 2.33kg
5th- Jeremey Mconnell – 2/2 – 2.15kg
6th- Adrian Manolea – 2/2 bass – 2.13kg
7th- Roy Souter – 2/2 bass – 1.96kg – 2nd pro
8th- Andrew Baunach – 2/2 – 1.81kg
9th- Dave Trinder – ½ – 1.41kg – 3rd Pro
10th- Kerry Lebhertz – 2/2 – 1.32kg
11th- Stuart Frank – 2/2 – 1.08kg
12th- Sam Rutledge – ½ – 0.72kg
13th- Jack Gold – ½ 0.71kg