Club Marine Lake Boondooma BASS Pro- Final Results

BASS Pro veteran John Brider dominated on a tough Lake Boondooma
with the 73 year old tournament angler catching a 5/6, 7.47kg limit to claim
his maiden BASS Pro win. Brider added to his 1st place winnings also picking up
the Ford ($250), Club Marine Bonuses ($500) and an EcoGear product bonus. AFC’s
Callum Munro showed again he is one to watch on Boondooma Dam taking second
place with 5/6 fish for 6.28kg. Bass angling regular David Hedges topped the Non-Boater
field on what was a tough weekend with 1/6 fish for 1.52kg.

Brider lead the tournament from start to finish, opening the
tournament with the biggest limit of the tournament with 2/2 for 3.1kg and
hitting the scales last with a 2/2 fish bag for 2.46kg in a dominating

Brider headed up the Stuart Arm of the dam to a short fifty
meter stretch of bank. His honey hole was a 5 – 6 ft flat with a pronounced
weed edge and drop off. Brider would cast his Eco Gear ZX40 (445 colour) tight
to the weed edge before allowing his lure to sink to the bottom. Once the lure
lay dormant on the bottom Brider would then impart an extremely short hop and
sink retrieve back to the boat, always allowing his lure to sit back on the
bottom. Adding to this if he got a hit on the way back to the boat he would
then repeat the same hop and rest pattern under the boat giving the lure as
much time as possible in the water.

His tackle for this work was a Shimano
Raider Bream Finesse 721 matched Stradic FJ 1000 spooled with 12lb Seabass PE
and 12lb Fluorocarbon.

With fish constantly moving up and across his short stretch
of bank Brider knew it was just a process of keeping his lure in the water. “I
could see fish moving through on the sounder the whole session, I knew that all
I could do was keep the lure in their face for as long as possible” said


Munro Gets Jiggy for Second.  

The ever consistent Callum Munro showed why he is one to
watch when the Bass Pro Series hits Boondooma Dam, with yet another podium
finish with 5/6 fish for 6.28kg and was the only angler in the field to have
progressively larger bags as the tournament went on.

Munro headed up to the top of the Stuart Arm, to a small
sunken sandy point. His key area on the point was a small section that dropped
from 6 to 12 ft. His location was where the clean and dirty water meet in the
belief it was a transitional spot for the bass. Munro kicked it old school,
tying to a tree and then casting back onto his spot. “It was all about working
over the spot as the fish transitioned through the area” said Munro. With the
fishing tough Munro relied on his Humminbird Side and Down Imaging to show when
the fish began moving through the spot. “I could see the fish moving up onto
the spot, it really gave me the confidence that I was working the correct area”
said Munro.

With the location sorted Munro’s lure of choice was an
Evergreen Little Max in pre-spawn colour. Munro would sink his lure to the
bottom before imparting a short jabbing jig off the bottom. For Munro it was a
process of working the lure until the fish turned on. His tackle of choice was
an Abu Garcia Vanguard 7ft 3-4kg matched with an Abu Garcia Revo 20 spin spooled
with 8lb Sensei Braid and 12lb Sensei Fluorocarbon leader. Munro’s critical change
was swapping the standard hook on his Little Max for an Eco Gear ZX hook to pin
the short nips on the lure.


Hedges Works Hard for
Non-Boater Win

Bass angling regular David Hedges topped the Non-Boater
field on what was a tough weekend with 1/6 fish for 1.52kg.

Hedges fish came late in the third session, on a Jackall TN
60 Ioken in Golden Carp. The winning fish came from a shallow back bay with
spindly timber, Hedges cast tight to the structure before starting a grindingly
slow roll back to the boat bumping the lure across the timber. “I didn’t know
if I was getting bites or the lure was hitting the tree” said Hedges. The
tackle Hedges used was a Daiwa Steez Feral Cat matched with a Daiwa Steez 2508
spooled with 8lb TD braid and 12lb Fluorocarbon. “I was really happy to get
that fish after casting all weekend and to come away with the win was icing on
the cake” said Hedges.

 Gladiator Big Bass  

Gladiator Big Bass went to Callum Munro’s 1.97kg kicker fish
from session two, the fish came late in the session and fell to Munro’s Little
Max money bait with retro fitted ZX hooks.


Winning Tackle  

Rod – Shimano Bream Raider 7’ 2”

Reel – Shimano Stradic FJ 1000

Line – 12lb Seabass

Leader – 12lb FC

Lure – ZX40 in 445 colour

 Winning Edge  

“It was all about keeping that lure as long as possible and
believing the fish would turn on” said Brider

BASS Pro: 2013 Smak Lures Boondooma Bass Pro
Boater Results
Place Angler State F1 W1 F2 W2 F3 W3 TF TW Payout
1 John BRIDER Qld 2 3.1 1 1.91 2 2.46 5 7.47 $2775 + Ford Bonus
$250 + Club Marine $500
2 Callum MUNRO Qld 1 0.43 2 2.89 2 2.96 5 6.28 $1550 + Big Bass $500 (1.97kg) 
3 Malcolm DRAPER NSW     1 0.51 2 3.12 3 3.63 $1,200
4 Todd CORMACK Qld     1 1.59 1 1.22 2 2.81 $875
5 Peter PHELPS NSW 1 0.73 1 1.03     2 1.76 $775
6 Gary MCCABE QLD 1 1.7         1 1.7 $650
7 Paul COOPER QLD     1 1.38     1 1.38 $550
8 William SCHLOSS QLD 1 1.24         1 1.24 $450
9 Mick CLARKE QLD 1 0.52     1 0.44 2 0.96  
10 Stephen KANOWSKI QLD     1 0.68     1 0.68  
11 Darryl LANGTON QLD         1 0.58 1 0.58  
12 Steven OTTO QLD         1 0.5 1 0.5  
13 Matthew MOTT QLD 1 0.45         1 0.45  
14 Mark LENNOX NSW                  
14 Aaron MOGG Qld                  
14 Peter FOGARTY NSW                  
14 Matt JOHNSON Qld                  
14 Barry REYNOLDS QLD                  
14 Trevor STEAD QLD                  
14 Adrian MELCHIOR NSW                  
14 Shane ANDERSON QLD                  
14 Steve CHANG NSW                  
14 Bill SCHLOSS Qld                  
14 Steve ELDRED QLD                  
14 Jason SHEPHERDSON Qld                  
14 David REYNOLDS Qld                  
14 David YOUNG QLD                  
14 Allan PRICE NSW                  
14 Ian WRATTEN NSW                  
14 Michael FAIRBURN NSW                  
14 Nigel MIDDLETON QLD                  
14 Peter LEGGETT Qld                  
14 Baden SPARROW QLD                  
14 Peter JENKINS NSW                  
14 Paul GILLESPIE NSW                 $200 Duff Dollars 
14 Gavin DUNNE QLD                  
14 Gavin STICKLEN QLD                  
14 Mike CREIGHTON QLD                  
14 Alan MCNAMARA NSW                  
Pro: 2013 Smak Lures Boondooma Bass Pro Non-Boater Results
Place Angler State F1 W1 F2 W2 F3 W3 TF TW Payout
1 Dave HEDGES NSW         1 1.52 1 1.52 G.Loomis rod, &
Prize Pack
2 Tom SLATER QLD     1 1.48     1 1.48 G.Loomis rod, &
Prize Pack
3 Dane RADOSEVIC QLD     1 1.06     1 1.06 G.Loomis rod, &
Prize Pack
4 Shaun FALKENHAGEN Qld         2 0.99 2 0.99 Spotters Sunglasses
Pack & Prize Pack
5 Glenn WOJTASIK QLD         1 0.77 1 0.77 Tonic Sunglasses Pack
& Prize Pack
6 John KOCH QLD     1 0.64     1 0.64 Damiki/Pontoon 21
Lure Pack
7 Joshua EVANS QLD         1 0.54 1 0.54 Toray Line Prize Pack 
8 Peter HOLMES QLD         1 0.48 1 0.48 Imakatsu Paranha Prize Pack 
9 Dylan MOTT QLD                  
9 Ben SCOTMAN NSW                  
9 Michael ROBINSON QLD                  
9 Paul MCCLYMONT QLD                 $200 Duff Dollars 
9 Greg MUNRO QLD                  
9 Lincoln JOHNSON QLD                  
9 Denis SHAW QLD                  
9 Stephen TURNER QLD                  
9 Stuart FRANCE Qld                  
9 Duane MACEY NSW                  
9 Ray HOLMES Qld                  
9 Matt WILLIAMS QLD                  
9 Michael THOMPSON QLD                  
9 James REID QLD                  
9 Troy DANES NSW                  
9 Warren HOWE QLD                  
9 Charles WEST Qld                  
9 Greg MITCHELL QLD                  
9 Matt CABBAN NSW                  
9 Matt CUSCHIERI NSW                  
9 Brendan WEIL QLD                  
9 Christoffer BRODIE QLD                  
9 Peter MORGAN QLD                 Prize Pack
9 Andrew WOODS QLD                 Prize Pack
9 James BROWNING NSW                  
9 Stephen MCLEAN NSW                  
9 Terry ALLWOOD QLD                  
8 8.17 11 13.2 16 15.6 35 36.9