Wivenhoe MotorGuide BASS Electric Event- May 22nd

By Dale Sinclair

The second of three ABT Electric Rounds was held at Lake Wivenhoe on May 22nd. 55 Entrants fished a variety of methods to tackle Wivenhoe’s bass, with 23 anglers weighing in a total of 33 bass.

First place went to local angler Ray Sargent, with a bag of 4.52kg. Ray fished Jackall lipless crankbaits in shallow water around the edges to amass his winning bag.

Second placed Roy Souter fished Slider soft plastics on Nitro jigheads, slowly rolled through schools of fish holding in deep water, to get his two-bass limit of 4.51kg.

In third place with a bag of 4.35kg was Colin Singleton. The winner of the last Wivenhoe event, Col fished spinnerbaits in water depths ranging from 1-5m to boat his bass.

Fourth placed Dale Sinclair used Raider slugs and Halco Twisties to score his 4.2kg bag.
In fifth place was Barry Oxford with a bag of 4.18kg taken on Sliders with Nitro jigheads.

The Big Bass prize went to Ian Galloway with an impressive 2.4kg bass.

Position Name Fish Total Weight Payout
1st Ray Sargent 2/2 4.52 Eva Kool Esky + Prize Pack
2nd Roy Souter 2/2 4.51 Prize Pack
3rd Colin Singleton 2/2 4.35 Prize Pack
4th Dale Sinclair 2/2 4.20 Qualify
5th Barry Oxford 2/2 4.18 Prize Pack
6th Ian Galloway 2/2 3.55 Big Bass Prize Pack
7th Graeme Bolton 2/2 3.48 Qualify
8th Brad Turner 2/2 2.93 Qualify
9th Gavin Dunne 2/2 2.85 Qualify
10th Aaron Gilmore 2/2 2.09 Qualify
11th Scott Evans 1/2 1.98
12th John Schofield 1/2 1.78
13th Dale Tanna 2/2 1.78
14th Rebecca Carey 1/2 1.56
15th Peter Mathewson 1/2 1.38
16th David Carey 1/2 1.33
17th John Fooks 1/2 1.24
18th Bart Fraser 1/2 1.00
19th Mike Weger 1/2 0.99
20th Eric Marsh 1/2 0.96
21st Jason Swain 1/2 0.77
22nd Stuart Cameron 1/2 0.67
23rd Tony Van Rody 1/2 0.49