Blue Fin Boats BASS Electric Convention – Entry List

BASS Electric Convention
The winner of each event will qualify for the Bluefin Boast BASS Electric Convention.
The remainder of qualifiers will be anglers who have fished at least three events during
the year and weighed fished in at least one event.
Entry List as of 20/09/13

Position Boater State Shirt size Paid
1 Steve
2 Les Barber QLD XL YES
3 Sue Barber QLD S YES
4 Christian Manolea QLD XXL YES
5 Adrian Manolea QLD XXL YES
6 Bill Woods NSW L YES
7 Andrew Dunkerley NSW M YES
8 Bret Dinham NSW M YES
9 Robert Butler QLD L YES
10 Michael Turner QLD L YES
11 Dave Mann NSW XXL YES
12 Rod Shorten NSW XXL YES
13 Bevan Sutherland QLD L YES
14 Tim Steenhuis QLD XL YES
15 Samantha Rutledge QLD S YES
16 Brian Rutledge NSW L YES
17 Brett Kleinschmidt QLD L YES
18 Michael Lindenmayer QLD XL YES
19 Dave Bullard QLD XXL YES
20 Steve Noble QLD L YES
21 Thomas Reynolds QLD XL YES
22 Paul McHugh QLD XL YES
23 Shane Anderson QLD L YES
24 Mark Petersen QLD XL YES
25 Stuart France QLD XL YES
26 Brett Renz QLD L YES
27 Mitchell Renz QLD M YES
28 Jordan Renz QLD M YES
29 Andrew Baunach QLD XL YES
30 Richard Holmberg QLD L YES
31 Trevor Stead QLD XL YES
32 Ian Galloway QLD XXL YES
33 Aidan Robertson QLD M YES
34 Ben Biggs QLD XXL YES
35 Joseph Urquhart QLD M YES
36 Nathan Swanson NSW XL YES
37 Denis Shaw QLD L YES
38 Kenny Lebherz QLD L YES
39 Logan Gilmore QLD L YES
40 Roy Souter QLD M YES
41 Chris Osley QLD M YES
42 Adrian Wilson QLD L YES
43 Peter Woods NSW XL YES
44 Callan Bayliss QLD L YES
45 Paul Holmberg QLD L YES
46 Robert Ottesen QLD L YES
47 Rob Hinton QLD L YES
48 Callum Tewes QLD L YES
49 Joshua Schleusener QLD L YES
50 Andrew Low QLD L YES