Lostock MotorGuide BASS Electric Event

By Paul Gogarty

With the threat of a cancellation looming, the skies cleared and wind stopped for a picture perfect start to round 12 of the MotorGuide BASS Electric series at Lostock.

All up, 29 keen anglers made the trip to test their skills on the frustrating bite that this impoundment is renowned for. However, one man rose to the top to take the event with a 3.2kg limit.

David Mudd, a fitter from Newcastle, backed himself with a solid game plan to take advantage of the larger fish on a relatively slow edge bite. On the Saturday afternoon he decided to fish a 100m stretch of bank for the entire session, and that certainly paid off.

Mudd cast TD Vibrations and Jackalls in various colour schemes to bank side vegetation and lily pads to accrue his limit.

“I had two fish fairly early, though one was a little smaller, then came the 410mm 1.6kg upgrade,” he said. Spectators on the point commented they could hear Dave’s noisy delight at catching this fish!

Hot on Dave’s heels was Lostock’s previous victor, Dom Lieb. With a two fish 2.9kg bag, he almost mirrored his performance from last round, fishing the hump out from the point.

Third place went to Justin Scott, with Mick Pascoe and Corey Christopher claiming fourth and fifth.

1. Dave Mudd 2 fish 3.2kg Qualify
2. Dom Lieb 2 fish 2.9kg Already qualified
3. Justin Scott 2 fish 2.4kg Qualify
4. Mick Pascoe 1 fish 1.85kg Qualify + Big Bass
5. Corey Christopher 1 fish 1.75kg Qualify
6. Andrew Redding 1 fish 1.35kg Qualify
7. Ian Palmer 1 fish 1.2kg
8. Mark Gogarty 1 fish 1.15kg
9. Ben Pepperall 1 fish 1.15kg
10. Jamie Maguire 1 fish 1.0kg
11. Chris Bennett 1 fish 0.8kg
12. Gavin Baker 1 fish 0.55kg