Hobie Bass Brogo Dam – Final Result

Peter Woods took the opening event of the 2013 Hobie BASS Series at Brogo Dam with 3/3 fish for a total of 103cm.  Click through for the full story.

Woods Helicopters into Brogo
Bass Win.

NSW Kayak
fishing regular Peter woods has taken out the season opener Hobie opener at
Brogo Dam with an impressive 3/3, 103cm limit relegating bass tournament
regular Glenn Hayter (3/3, 100 cm) to second place by a mere 3cm.

honey hole was a small slow slopping point with a weed bed and defined drop

“As I went
past early in the session I could see inactive fish sitting just out off the
point, I knew it was going to be all about working out what those fish wanted”,
explained Woods. Woods’ lure of choice to wake up these dormant fish was a
Koolabung 3 inch minnow rigged on a 1/20th Atomic jig head attached
to a TT Lures Jig Spinner.

Casting his
lure tight to the structure Woods would then burn his lure across the shallow
weed before allowing it to helicopter down the front of the weed face until it
hit the bottom.

His tackle
of choice for this work was a Samaki Vamp 7ft rod matched to a Shimano 1000
Twin Power reel spooled with 4lb Crystal Fireline and an 8lb fluorocarbon

“Most of
the fish hit the lure just as it came to rest on the bottom, once I worked this
out it was just a process of repeating until I had my limit”, said Woods.

Showing his
skill as a tournament angler Woods didn’t just burn out his spot early in the
session but rested his honey hole thoughout the session to ensure he got the
most out of it.

“I knew
there where good numbers of fish holding off the drop of and it was just a
matter of time before they came up to feed, I would fish it for 30 – 60 minutes
and then rest it for 30 mins in the hope no one else would fish it”, said

By using
his skills as a tournament angler Woods was able to catch legal fish throughout
the day, slowly upgrading his bag towards the end of the session and in the
process showed he will be one to watch in the 2013 Hobie BASS Kayak Series.

Hayter hops into second place  

regular Glenn Hayter was one of only two anglers to catch their limit (3/3, 100

The western
Sydney bass angler targeted the rocky edges in back bays towards the end of the
dam, Hayter would cast tight to the edge before twitching his Berkley Gulp
minnow in smelt rigged on a 1/20th TT jig head, off the edge and
then allow it to sink to the bottom, with all of his fish coming as the lure
lay dormant on the bottom.

tackle of choice was a Nitro Power Bream rod matched to a Daiwa Sol 2000 reel
spooled with 4lb Power Pro braid and 6lb Yamanto fluorocarbon.

“If I
didn’t get a hit as the lure lay on the bottom I would cast out and repeat the
process”, explained Hayter.

With the
fish in Hayter’s chosen location spread out it was just a process of covering
ground to find active fish.

“I only
caught three legal fish for the whole tournament, it was a real grind to get
those legal fish”, said Hayter.

He may have
only managed the three fish but it was enough to move him into second place and
secure him a spot in the Grand Final to be held later this year at Toonambar
Dam, in NSW.

With the
next event on the Hobie BASS Kayak Series set for Lake St
Clair on the 24th March, can Peter Woods make it two-from-two
or will someone knock him off the top spot.

For all
event information and how to get involved in the Hobie Bass Series head to www.australianbass.com.au  

Hogs Breath Boss Hog   

Skinner took out the Hogs Breath Boss Hog with a quality 39 cm Brogo Dam bass
caught on a 3 inch Berkley Gulp minnow in black rigged on a Bassman jig head.
Skinner caught the fish in the last hour of the session slow rolling his
plastic vertically through schooled fish.

Place Angler State TF TL Prizes
1 Peter Woods NSW 3 103 $300
+ EcoGear, Atomic, Berkley, Strike Pro & Hobie Prize Pack 
2 Glenn Hayter NSW 3 100 $170
+ EcoGear, Atomic, Berkley, Strike Pro & Hobie Prize Pack 
3 Mick Skinner NSW 2 73 $100 + EcoGear,
Atomic, Berkley, Strike Pro & Hobie Prize Pack + $100 Boss Hogg (39)
4 Justin Dinhwall VIC 2 68 $90
+ EcoGear, Atomic, Berkley, Strike Pro & Hobie Prize Pack 
5 Josh Carpenter NSW 2 65 $80
+ EcoGear, Atomic, Berkley, Strike Pro & Hobie Prize Pack 
6 Scott Marchinkowski NSW 2 62  
7 Luke Niederle ACT 1 37  
8 Bernard Austin NSW 1 35  
9 Dave Mann NSW 1 33  
10 Craig Coughlan NSW 1 32  
11 Lachlan Gubb NSW 1 32  
12 Brett Dinham NSW 1 31  
13 Bill Woods NSW 1 30  
14 Ben Davidson -PRO NSW 0 0  
14 Brian Rutledge NSW 0 0  
14 Cameron Greene ACT 0 0  
14 Chris Purnell NSW 0 0  
14 David Hedge NSW 0 0  
14 Dean Boyce NSW 0 0  
14 Dean Wagner NSW 0 0  
14 James Barrie NSW 0 0  
14 Jeff McKee NSW 0 0  
14 Kayle Ratenbury  NSW 0 0 Random Draw Lowrance
Mark 5X + Instalation Kit
14 Rob Chambers NSW 0 0