Danjeera BASS Electric- 3rd Feb

Cole Hutchison smokes them at danjera.

Eleven year old Wilton angler cole Hutchison put the big boys in there place at the first round bass electrics at danjera dam two day event.

Cole fished all the way up the back of the dam to secure his 2/4 2.42kg limit for the weekend, plus weigh-in one of the biggest bass Danjeera has produced.

Cole’s secret was fishing unfished water up the back using hidden weighted 3inch minnows in watermelon pearl to submerged scrub.

Next in line was Glen Hayter he was hot on cole heals securing 4/4 2.42
bag witch went to count back to Coles big bass of 1.54kg glen fished
similar to cole at the rear of the dam.

Tony Downie also was in fine
form with 4/4 2.40kg it was one of closest finishes we have had.
Rounding up top five were Dave Trinder 4/4 2.35kg and Andrew Low 4/4
2.35kg thanks to Glen Hayter and Mick Skinner on the day.

Cole Hutchison 2/4 2.42 big bass 1.54
Glen hayter       4/4 2.42
Tony downie.    4/4 2.40
Dave trinder.     4/4 2.35
Andrew low.      4/4 2.32
Anthony winters 4/4 2.30
Dave Mann.       3/4 2.14
Joe pietraszkiewick 3/4 1.88
Rick steedman        3/4 1.73
Brian Rutledge.       2/4 1.29
Jeff McKee              2/4 1.04
Bill woods                2/4 1.03
Mick Skinner            2/4 1.03
Mat steedman         2/4 .91
Andrew dunkley      1/4 .69
The rownan             1/4 .61
Sue Pauline             1/4 .60
Steve Lawrence       0/4
Scot Hutchinson.      0/4
Robert chambers.     0/4
Reg Pauline              0/4