BASS Electric – Cressbrook Dam – 30th September

A smaller than expected field fronted up for the 3rd and final ABT
Bass Electric round for 2012 at Cressbrook. 17 anglers were greeted with an
overcast and cool day and 9 anglers optioned up for their chance of taking home
some money. Going by the reports coming out of Cressbrook over the previous
weeks there was a good chance of some big bass being caught. 6 anglers presented
bass to be weighed in and the average size of the bass were over 1kg. This is a
good sign for Cressbrook. The big bass for the day however went to Dave Trinder
with a very impressive 1.78kg bass. Dave also took out top honours for the day
with a 2.89kg two bass bag and took home $110 as the first place option up

Dave travelled up the Cressbrook Creek arm of the lake and
fished the rock wall and weed beds to the right just at the first left hand
bend. Dave’s lures of choice were a Marz Timber Jack in black and red and a BJ’s
Custom Spinner bait in 1/8oz Kiwi Gold. Dave caught 8 bass all up with one
upgrade. Dave used a Daiwa Tournament Master X matched to a Freams 2500 reel
spooled with 10lb Seabass Braid and 12lb Rock Fish leader. Dave thanked his
fellow competitors as well as the day’s event organisers, Brad and Tania. Dave
also thanks BJ’s Spinnerbaits and Craig Simmons for all their help.

2nd place went to Howard Althaus with another
impressive 2 bass bag of 2.38kg’s. Howard also optioned up and took home $50.
Using his IP842 Barrabass Custom Tournament Rod matched to a Shimano Twin Power
1000, Howard slow rolled baby bass sliders on a 3/8oz jig head to land his bag.
Howard reports that he had 3 hits for two keepers and mainly fished the Deer
Island and the buoy line. Howard was using 6lb braid with 6lb leader.

Shaun Falkenhagen came in 3rd and also took home
$20 as the 3rd place option up angler. Shaun started off by
travelling up the Bull Creek arm of the lake but did not catch any fish. Shaun
made the decision to travel up towards the other end of the dam and met up with
4th place getter Peter Robinson near the Eagles Nest. Another
Barrabass Custom Tournament Rods angler, Shaun used his XP841 with Daiwa 1000
Luvius to slow roll a squidge fish on a 3/8oz through the show of fish in 18-22
feet of water.

Cressbrook dam is looking good for future rounds with the
bass putting on a lot of condition and hitting the lures hard. Tania and I would
again like to thank all competitors who fished the 3 Cressbrook rounds.

1st Dave Trinder 2/2 2.89kg + 1.78kg big bass
2nd Howard Althaus 2/2 2.38kg
3rd Shaun Falkenhagen 2/2 2.17kg
4th Peter Robinson 2/2 2.01kg
5th Danny Weaver 2/2 1.49kg
6th Mick Henare 1/2 1.19kg.