BASS Electric Convention- Looking for a new venue

Due to issues beyond our control the venue we had locked in
as the tournament HQ (Log Cabin Camp) for the Blue Fin Boats BASS Electric
Convention is longer available. As a result ABT has been searching for a venue
that will provide us with the same facilities, regretfully at this stage we’ve
been unable to find somewhere that is in close proximity to the lake and
doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

If we are unable to find somewhere we will streamline the
event back to just an event briefing, two angling sessions and a presentation.
This would mean no accommodation, no catering and no activities for the event.
If this happens we will revise the entry fee, namely reduce it, more than
likely to $110, and give those that have already entered a refund, or entry

So here’s your chance if you can come up with any ideas on
where we can base the event from drop me an email ( ).
Just remember we’ve already looked at about 20 odd places so far that are
within 20-30 minutes of the lake, they either can’t accommodate us or aren’t
suited to our event.
Hit us with your ideas.