Wivenhoe BASS Electric 8th July

Hoe Goes Quietly for

Wivenhoe was anything but action packed for anglers at the
18th round of the 2012 Blue Fin Boats BASS Electric Series, 8th July.
One lone angler cracked the two kilo mark with Wayne Baunch
breaking through for his maiden BASS Electric win.

Compiling a 2/2, 2.01kg
limit to secure the win Baunch fished Jackall ice jigs in 10 feet of water on a
step point leading out of Logans Inlet to catch his fish. The lure delivering
Baunch his first fish 30 minutes after the start and the second at around

“It was hard going, I got two bites and that was it,”
explained Baunch.

Finishing second was BASS Electric regular Christian
Manolea, who compiled a 2/2, 1.96kg to finish second at Wivenhoe for the second
event in a row.

Fishing rock walls between Logans Inlet and Hamon Cove
Manolea’s first fish for the day was a 65cm Saratoga, a rare catch on Wivenhoe. His first
bass soon followed with the Wivenhoe runner-up catch it on an OSP Power Dunk 57
fished out from the edge.
A second fish soon followed using the same technique.

The Big Bass for the event went to event winner Wayne
Baunch, with his 1.20kg kicker fish anchoring his bag and win.

Seven of the 24 anglers fishing the event weighed fish with
a total of 12 fish hitting the scales. The next round of the series sees the
tour travel north to Cania Dam, 15th July, for more information
visit www.australianbass.com.au .

Place Angler  Fish Weight (kg) Big Bass (kg)
1 Wayne Baunch 2 2.01 1.2
2 Christian Manolea 2 1.96
3 Shaun Falkenhagen 2 1.77
4 Andrew Low 2 1.75
5 Andrew Baunch 2 1.39
6 Adrian Wilson 1 1.05
7 Stuart France 1 1.05 1.05
8 Jason Lowe
8 Tom Reynolds
8 David West
8 Adrian Manolea
8 Donald Thomson
8 Dean Thomson
8 Jeff Hearse
8 Ian Galloway
8 Sam Lowe
8 Jonathon Box
8 Jeremy McConnell
8 Brett Kleinschmidt
8 Mark Petersen
8 Charles West
8 Kenny Lebherz
8 Jack Gold
8 Andrew Ryan