Cressbrook Blue Fin Boats Bass Electric 27th May

29 anglers braved the chilly but calm conditions at Cressbrook Dam for
the 2nd Bass Electric to be held there this year. 14 anglers presented
bass to be weighed but blitzing the field was Phil Fitzgerald with his
2/2 2.36kg bag. Phil also took home the big bass title with a healthy
1.29kg bass. Phil said that his fish did not come until 12 midday when
he had a 10 minute window where he boated his 2 bass. Phil was using a
3/8oz Evergreen Little Max blade on a Shimano T Curve Flight matched to a
2500 Stradic. Phil moved around the dam a bit throughout the session
and caught his bass on a point in the main basin opposite the boat ramp.
Phil also took home $140 option up cash. Phil wanted to thank Fish n
Bits at Toowoomba for helping him out with advice and gear to fish the

2nd place went to David West with 2/2 1.88kg bag. David
also reported that he caught his bag at 12 midday but was up the Bull
Creek arm of the damp. David said that he was sitting in about 30 foot
of water and would see schools of baitfish on the sounder then around
midday he saw some bass come through and again had about a 10 minute
window where he caught his 2 keepers. David christened his new Golden
Mean Green Arrow rod matched to a Daiwa T3 Ballistic to throw his
Jackall Knockin Jaw. David wanted to thank Charlton’s at Ipswich.

Falkenhagen took home $60 for his 2nd place option up and placed 3rd
overall. Shaun also fished the Bull Creek arm of Cressbrook and used his
Barrabass Custom Tournament Rod to jig his Jackall Ice Jig. Shaun
caught 5 legals and 4 undersized bass for the morning but said that he
caught his 2 biggest bass at 11.30am.

By all reports 11.30 to 12 midday was also lunch time for the bass.

was good to see that there were some good fish caught and the future is
looking good for Cressbrook. I can’t wait for the third and final
Cressbrook electric to be held in September. The fishing should be

1st 2/2 2.36kg Phil Fitzgerald + Big Bass
2nd 2/2 1.88kg David West
3rd 2/2 1.70kg Shaun Falkenhagen
4th 2/2 1.37kg Stuart France
5th 1/2 0.89kg Ray Holmes
6th 1/2 0.88kg Brendan Deurloo
7th 1/2 0.84kg Damien Parsons
8th 1/2 0.75kg Charles West
9th 1/2 0.62kg John Schwerin
10th 1/2 0.60 Mark Reinbott
11th 1/2 0.55kg Anita Parsons
1/2 0.55kg Barry Oxford
12th 1/2 0.53kg Roy Souter
13th 1/2 0.51kg Simon Saint