Moogerah Blue Fin Boats BASS Electric- 20th May

A great day for fishing with a cool start to the morning, 41 keen
anglers turned up for the first Moogerah electric for the year. When
the sun came up, it soon warmed up and so did the fishing for 18 anglers
who brought fish back to the scales.

It was Andrew Baunach who took out
first place with 2 fish at 2.60kg and big Bass 1.78kg. Andrew fished a
point heading into the timber throwing his TN60 Brown Dog Jackall just
outside the weed edge for his fish.

Second place was Tom Reynolds with 2 fish at 2.50kg. Tom used a 1/4
ounce Nitro jig head with a smoke yellow core plastic for his fish.
Third place was Roy Souter, who also took out first place in the

Roy used Little Max blades, hopping them off the bottom
through a school of fish to get his 2 Bass.

Thanks to everyone for coming, see you next time, Rory.

1. Andrew Baunach 2/2- 2.60kg Big Bass 1.78kg
2. Tom Reynolds 2/2- 2.5kg
3. Roy Souter 2/2- 2.34kg 1st Pro
4. Graham Dodds 2/2- 2.31kg 2nd Pro
5. Shane Brown 2/2- 2.23kg
6. Brett Kleinschmidt 2/2- 2.23kg
7. Barry Oxford 2/2- 2.13kg 3rd Pro
8. Dale Mullins 2/2- 2.06kg
9. Wayne Baunach 2/2- 1.94kg
10. Shaun Falkenhagen 2/2- 1.86kg 4th Pro
11. Nathan Wolhuter 1/2- 1.78kg
12. Tim Rakin 1/2- 1.44kg
13. Dave West 2/2- 1.39kg
14. Rob Hiton 1/2- 1.32kg
15. Mark Peterstin 1/2- 1.24kg
16. Chris Osley 1/2- 1.19kg
17. Nathan Swanson 1/2- 1.19kg
18. Stuart France 1/2- 0.93