St Clair Blue Fin Boats BASS Electric- 20th May

20th May
21 anglers
competitors showed up to compete in the ABT BASS Electric event,
with Dave Trinder finishing in first place with two bass weighing in at 1.28 kg and also
taking home the first prize for option up.

Mark Muggeton coming in
2nd place with 1 bass and a weight of 910g, and also taking out big bass
for the day. Grant Elderidge came in 3rd and claimed the second option up with
1 bass and a weight of 840g. Dylan Glover
in 4th with one bass and a weigh of 800g, and John Picton
in 5th place with one bass and a weight of 610g.

Each competitor
had a limit of bringing back 2 fish, but unfortunately not many fish were caught
and they didn’t seem to want to bite. Thankyou to everyone who came out and had
a go, it was an overall good day.

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1 Dave Trinder 2 1.28 0.7
2 Mark Muggleton 1 0.91 0.91
3 Grant Elderidge 1 0.84
4 Dylan Glover 1 0.8 0.8
5 Steve Chang 1 0.65
6 John Picton 1 0.61
7 Bernard Austin 1 0.58
8 Ben Pepperall 1 0.56
9 Brandon Gould
10 Andrew Drennan
11 Simon Marchant
12 Andrew Low
13 Steve Babbage
14 Brett Dinham
15 Blake Campbell
16 Dean Boyce
17 Dave Mann
18 Ed Harrison
19 David Lane
20 Brian Rutledge
21 Jeff McKee