Isis BASS Electric – 15th April

Hits the Mark

first Isis bass electric for the year
attracted 33 anglers and while the fishing was tough some great bass were
weighed in. Winning by over 250g was BCF Employee Mark Lockwood. Lockwoods lures
of choice were shallow Jackall chubbies in bluegill and brown shrimp colour. Lockwood
landed his first bass at about 6.20am and had bagged out by 8 am. He targetted
edges around the dam and also the timber. The winning tackle was 6lb Fins
windtamer braid and 8lb and 12 lb Yamatoyo leader spooled on a Daiwa Sol 2500
reel with matching rod.

at Marks heels was a new comer to the bass electric series, Jordan Renz. Jordan secured
2nd place using TT blades which he hopped through the middle of the dam. Renz landed
two similar sized fish, catching the first at 10am and the second at 11am. The
tackle used was a rod custom built by local rod building legend Tim Mulhall
teamed with a Shimano Stradic Ci4 reel spooled with 4lb Berkley fireline braid and 10lb leader.

of the 33 anglers fishing the tournament 17 weighed in bass. A total of 29 bass
were weighed in with an average weight of 0.931kg.


Position Angler Fish Weight Big Bass
1 Mark Lockwood 2 2.694  
2 Jordan Renz 2 2.443  
3 Shane Anderson 2 2.345  
4 Ben Durkin 2 1.829  
5 Matt Manby 1 1.789 1.789
6 Paul Holmberg 2 1.745  
t7 Michael Grimes 2 1.709  
t7 Luke Newton 2 1.709  
9 Paul Phillips 2 1.46  
10 Graham Dodds 2 1.454  
11 Michael Renz 2 1.448  
12 Rob Hinton 2 1.311  
13 Charles West 2 1.308  
14 Chris Horne 1 1.051  
15 Boyd Stewart 1 0.983  
16 Adrian Wilson 1 0.857  
17 Adrian Manolea 1 0.851  
    29 26.986 AVE: 0.931