Toonumbar BASS Electric Results & Story

Anglers were greeted to clear skies and light winds for the Toonumbar Bass
Electric 2 day event.
one on Saturday proved easy with allot of full bags caught.
2nd session on Sunday morning sorted out the top runners, with the field
struggling in a lot of places that had been pressured earlier.

anglers stood out from the rest throwing fly. The first place getter Denis Shaw
using an 8wt TCR fly rod with a Striper4 fast sink line. Denis would cast to
submerged timber in the creek mouth towards the back of the dam and found the
fish came easy on fly. Lucky for him as they were the only 2 rods on his boat!
Well done to Denis paddle up the back of the dam each day and then throw fly all

place went to Casino local Joe Urquhart also throwing fly- tight to the edges,
getting his bag early both days on the surface using OSP bent minnows using 6
lb. TORAY leader. He used fly to upgrade again tight to the weed edge using 10
lb. TORAY leader and a custom tied bass Vampire.

bass went to Peter Bostock at1.050kg using a Squidgie lobby with a under spin
jig head to bring the big bass unstuck.

Thanks for all who turned up it were a great


1 Dennis Shaw 4/2.985kg

2 joe urquhart 4/2.795 kg

3 john ski 4/2.775kg

4 jesper noieson 4/2.770kg option up 1st place

5 tom renolds 4/2.765kg

6 ken fitzgibbon 4/2.745kg

7peter bostock 3/2.575kg big bass 1.050kg option
up 2nd place $50.00

8 adrian melchior 4/2.430kg

9 barry oxford 4/2.425 kg option up 3rd place

10 tony thorly 3/2.390kg

11 gary rooks 4/2.320kg

12 brenton smith 3/2.080

13 mark peterson 3/2.060kg

14 tim rankin 3/1.890kg

15 brett kleinschmidt 3/1.825kg

16 paul gray 3/1.820kg

17 nathan swanson 3/1.670

18 chris osley 2/1.490

19 hanns jenson 2/1.470

20 paul philips 2/1.345

21 rod shorton 2/1.325

22 graham dodd 2/1.300

23 jeremy fisher 2/1.285

24 steve mclean 2/1.240

25 darren painter 2/1.230

26 allen rooks 2/1.225

27 paul gilispie 1/.775

28 scott sunderland 1/.695

29 danny robison 1/.690

30 jack gold 1/.685

31 william peterson 1/.680

32 bob hadley 1/ .645

33 dylan bedford 1/.535

34 rick gough 0/000