Blue Fin Boats BASS Electric- Cressbrook 11th March

the Dam opening back up on the Thursday before the comp date, 57 anglers fronted
up at the first Cressbrook Electric Round for 2012. With no fishing pressure for
4 weeks during the closure but with water going over the spillway for that
period the fishing was going to go either way. 18 anglers optioned up hoping
that the fishing was as good it was just prior to the dam

The better fish were always going to come from the buoy
line near Deer Island and those with the fastest boats were going to be in with
a good show if they were one of the first ones there.

Shaun Falkenhagen was one of those first to arrive and
boated his 2 bass limit in his first two casts. Shaun’s first bass was a 31cm
bass and his 2nd bass was a good one at 1.28kg’s. This fish went on to become
the big bass for the comp. Not long after Shaun’s 2nd fish the fish shut down so
Shaun was happy to have 2 in the well.

Shaun persisted near Deer Island and was able to upgrade his smaller bass a bit
later in the session. Shaun weighed in a total of 2.13kg’s to take the 1st prize
pack as well as $160 for the 1st place option up. Using his Barrabass Custom
Tournament Rod matched with a Shimano Stradic Ci4, Shaun would cast a Keitech
plastic rigged on a 3/8 smoke yellow core impact tackle jighead into the shallow
water and slowly wound it back out into the deeper water. After a few winds he
would drop the plastic back to the bottom. Shaun found that the bass were
sitting on the drop off. Shaun’s reel was spooled with 6lb super PE with 6lb FC
Rock leader.

Fishing in a different area to Shaun was 2nd place getter
Jeremy McConnell. Jeremy fished the bass bay area and was casting to the shallow
water near the bank. Jeremy caught one of his bass on a beetle spin and the
other on a spinner bait. Jeremy weighed in his 2 bass limit for

All up 13 anglers weighed in
fish. The final results are:

place 2/2 2.13kg’s + big bass and 1st Place Pro $160 Shaun
2nd place 2/2 1.40kg’s Jeremy
3rd place 2/2 1.25kg’s + 2nd
place pro $90 Roy Souter
4th place 1/2
1.23kg’s Jason Clark
5th place 1/2
1.06kg’s Tom Reynolds
6th place 2/2
0.98kg’s Peter Robinson
7th place 1/2
0.90kg’s Matthew McDonald
8th place 1/2
0.77kg’s + 3rd place pro $50 David Green
9th place 1/2 0.76kg’s + 4th place pro $30 Stuart
10th place 1/2 0.74kg’s Anita
11th place 1/2 0.70kg’s + 5th
place pro $30 Arthur Allen
12th place 1/2
0.69kg’s Adrian Wilson
13th place 1/2
0.68kg’s Andrew Baunach

I would like
to thank Ian Galloway for checking all the live wells and it was good to see
that all live wells complied. Thank you to all competitors who allowed this comp
to run smoothly.

Brad Clark