Blue Fin Boats BASS Electric- Danjeera 11-12th Feb

Nineteen anglers fronted up to the second round
of the Blue Fin Boats Bass Electrics series at Danjera Dam. Day one started off
well but with a storm in our sights.

Glenn Hayter showed everyone that finesse
is the key that unlocks the Danjera bass with a 1.713 bag and day one big bass
@ 0.881.

In second place was Dave Trinder for 1.439 casting B.J’s SPINNERBAITS
at the rear of the dam, Owen McPaul was also on Dave’s boat opting for the same
approach as Dave with 1.351.

Day two was the reverse from session one as the
dam played shut down for most but again Glenn Hayter showed his skills were in
top form with the Danjera bass playing hard to get. Glenn bought back 1.202 to
secure the win plus day two big bass for 0.681. Owen McPaul using zman paddle
tails brought back a 0.595 and 1st pro with $80.

In third place was
Andrew Low, he went with soft plastics tight to the edges for 0.589. Thanks to
all the Wollondilly Bass Club members for the help on the day. Hope you all
enjoyed the fish great to see some new faces in the comp,

cheers Dave Mann

Day 1 Day 2 Total

1st Glen Hayter 1.713 / 1.202 / 2.915 / Big Bass on Day one 0.881and Day two 0.681
2nd Owen McPaul 1.351 / 0.595 / 1.946 / 1st pro $80.00
3rd Andrew Low 1.157 / 0.589 / 1.746
4th Jeff Mckee 1.067 / 0.509 / 1.576
5th Dave Trinder 1.439
6th Dave Mann 1.236
7th Steve Lawrance 1.027
8th Joe Pietraszkiewicz 0.543
9th Brian Rutledge 0.541
10th Sue Pauline 0.527
11th Ed Harrison 0.494