Megabass Japan Trade Show Trip- Gallery No.1

The Megabass fueled trip to Japan for the 2012 Osaka Tackle Trade Show was everything that I imagined and more.

The show itself was mindblowing, the company on the trip was great,
the tackle stores, awe inspiring and the five hours or bass fishing that i
got to do was kick arse.

Anyway enough of the hype, here’s the first selection of some of the pics that I took over the three days of the show. Click here for gallery.

There will be a full feature in the April issue of the Fishing
Monthly Magazines, along with a big feature in next year’s ABT
Tournament Angler Guide.

In addition to these I’ll have a handful of posts for

So enjoy the pics, I’ll have some more in a couple of days.
Also if you ever get the chance to go to Japan, do it!

The place absolutely rocks!