Rapala Tactical Bag

ultimate in travel accessories, Rapala’s Tactical Bag, ideal for extended trips
on foot.

daypack comes with an attachable chest pack that can be connected or
disconnected as you see fit, allowing ease-of-access to the items needed on a
regular basis, whilst keeping the bulkier items (such as lunch) within the back
daypack compartment.

The Daypack
accommodated two 3700 size Rapala tackle boxes next to a water-resistant
compartment suited to a hydration pack. The lightweight design is comfortable
enough to carry all day thanks to its ergonomic shoulder strap, and the pack also
features a whistle for attracting attention.

front Chest Pack attaches easily to the Daypack and features a tray-style front
pocket with a spiral retractor for easy attachment of accessories. A removable
hook-pad allows quick and easy storage of lures/flies, whilst the addition of
smaller pockets allows trinkets and other loose objects to be safely housed