Bartlett Takes Isis Electric Title – Mar 13 BASS Electric Results

By Jason Medcalf

It was a breezy start to the MotorGuide BASS Electric qualifying event at Lake Gregory. A field of 28 anglers fished for their chance to fish in the upcoming BASS Electric Convention.

Despite the not so perfect conditions, all but five anglers brought fish in for weighing with the rest bagging out and few more upgrading many times. The event winner was a very happy Rob Bartlett, with two great bass weighing in at 2.70kg. Rob’s successful technique was fishing a jig head rigged Squidgy Fish plastic in the Silver Fox colour and slow rolling it around the weed edges and drop offs. He also hopped it with plenty of pauses – not unlike a bream retrieve, he told me.

Second place went to Adrian Kampf who anchored his 2.2kg bag with the Angler Rods big fish for the day of 1.65kg. Adrian also fished the edges and that’s where the big one came from.

Making up the rest of the top five qualifiers were Drew Cullen, Mark Prasser and Chris Brignal – all with similar techniques, working the weed edges with plastics and spinnerbaits.

There was one hard luck story from Tim Mulhall from Salty’s tackle shop who had a big bass die early in the session and although Tim Caught over twenty fish he kept the dead bass and only weighed in his one. That was a real shame as the dead one was a cracker.

We also welcomed the Bundaberg Sportfishing Club to the weigh in, as they are the group responsible for stocking this great lake, they were on hand to measure and tag the bass as they were released back into the lake. In total 34 bass were tagged ranging from 31.4 cm to 48.5 cm they were all released in good condition and the information gathered will be used for checking growth rates and population.

Unfortunately just as we were doing the presentations a storm blew through making it all but impossible to gather any more info from the competing anglers as they all ran for cover. I would like to thank those who gave me a hand on the day, a very pristine Adam Turner and also Pauline Head who, by the way, had a 2 fish 1.6kg bag – a clear 1.1kg more than husband, Mark. Better luck next time hey Mark!

Angler Fish Weight Payout
Rob Bartlett 2 2.70 Pack + Qualify
Adrian Kampf 2 2.20 Pack + Qualify
Drew Cullen 2 2.14 Pack + Qualify
Mark Prasser 2 2.11 Pack + Qualify
Chris Brignall 2 2.04 Pack + Qualify
Peter Mulhall 2 2.00
Nathan Leather 2 1.90
Scott Bromly 2 1.80
Pauline Head 2 1.60
Tim Steenhuis 2 1.50
Matt Costar 2 1.42
Kris Hickson 2 1.40
Gary Leather 2 1.20
Craig Simmons 2 1.16
Tony Zantiotis 1 1.10
Tim Mulhall 1 1.00
Tony McDonald 1 0.80
Dale Smith 1 0.70
Corey Head 1 0.70
Richard Holmberg 1 0.60
Mark Head 1 0.50
Paul Holmberg 0 0.00
Brett Jones 0 0.00
Charles Dexter 0 0.00
Shane Head 0 0.00
M Collins 0 0.00