Cressbrook BASS Elecrtric- 14th August

13 boats and 19 anglers were greeted with perfectly still conditions for
the 2nd and final Cressbrook electric for 2011. Bass were busting up
the surface right next to the start area giving the competitors some
hope after some pretty ordinary reports from Cressbrook over the last
week or two. 8 anglers backed themselves and optioned up. As the clock
ticked past 1pm only 3 anglers were able to bring bass to the scales.

In first place with 2 bass for 1.575kg’s was Darryn Love. Darryn headed
for the Cressbrook Creek end of the dam and using a Loomis DSR820
matched to a Daiwa Sol reel threw a deep diving Jackall Bros Chubby to
the edge. Darryn slow rolled the chubby and got 5 hits all up loosing a
good one that wrapped him up in the drowned spindly grass. Darryn landed
the two keepers that counted and is now on his way to Borumba for the

Barry Oxford came in 2nd place with 2 bass for
1.530kg’s. Barry also took home all the option up money as he was only
one of the eight to weigh in a fish. Barry’s choice of tackle was a 6’6″
St Croix spin with a 2000 Diawa Certate to throw a Lucky Craft Pointer
shallow diving suspending crankbait. Barry would retrieve and then let
the lure sit for 4-5 seconds. Barry explained that he would get his
bites when the lure would tick through the drowned grass. Barry landed 3
bass all up and was able to upgrade.

Third place was Matt
Johnson. Matt caught 3 bass but only one was legal but weighed in at 1kg
neat securing the Big Bass patch as well as third place. Using his
Barrabass Custom Tournament Rods baitcaster matched to a Daiwa Alphas,
Matt threw his ACE 1/4 oz Pro Spin Spinnerbait to the edges where there
was laydown timber. Matt slow rolled the ACE spinnerbait ensuring it
bumped the timber and causing the bass to react. Matt said it was
satisfying to catch the bass on the spinnerbaits that he makes himself.

Cressbrook Dam is looking good being near full and I predict the fishing will be awesome for the 2012 electric series.

and I would like to thank all anglers for the professional way you all
approach the electric series. It makes our job as coordinators much
easier. It is evident that the Bass Electric Series is becoming a
profesional tournament series in it’s own right.

Place Angler Fish Weight (kg) Big Bass (kg)
1 Darren Love 2 1.575 0.86
2 Barry Oxford 2 1.53 0.86
3 Matt Johnson 1 1 1
4 Ian Galloway      
4 Ricky Simmons      
4 Jason Lyons      
4 Rory Saint      
4 Daniel Molloy      
4 Kerry Ehrlich      
4 Patrick Jones      
4 Roy Souter      
4 Howard Althaus      
4 Jesper Noisen      
4 Wayne Blundell      
4 Christian Manolea      
4 Charles West      
4 Will Milford      
4 Damien Parsons      
4 Anita Parsons