BlueFin BASS Electric – Cressbrook Results May 1, 2011. foggy and still day greeted  45 anglers for the first of 2 Cressbrook
electrics for 2011. With the lake at 100%  the anglers were keen to get
onto some fish. 19 anglers back themselves in and optioned up.
Unfortunately, although the fish could be located only 7 Anglers
weighed in bass. Only 4 of the 19 who optioned up caught a fish so the
total option up money was divided between those 4 instead of the usual

At the start siren all but 2 of the field moved off down the dam and it was a good tactic for those 2 anglers who did not move. Jake and John Scherwin and Ken Jackson stayed put and Jake ended up with his 2 bass limit with one upgrade securing 1st place with 1.475kg. Jake also secured the big bass for the day.  Ken landed one bass for an equal 4th place at 0.625kg.
The rest of the field fished various locations throughout the lake with the main focus on schooled fish.
Jake caught his limit using a GLoomis Drop Shot with a Daiwa reel spooled with 3lb Fireline Chrystal and 6 lb leader. Jake would cast his ¼ oz Little Max blade and using short hops secured his bass for 1st place.
2nd place Mark Petersen travelled all the way up to the back of the Cressbrook Creek arm of the lake to secure his 1 bass. Using a Strudwick rod matched to a Shimano reel Mark was casting a Shimano floating lipless crankbait. Mark put some sticky weight on his lure to make it suspend and pulled his bass from a large lay down log.
Tania and I would like to thank all the competitors for a great day.
The final results were:
1st Jake Schwerin 2/2 1.475kg and big bass 0.885kg
2nd Mark Petersen 1/2 0.740kg  1st option up $170
3rd Andrew Baunach 1/2 0.685kg 2nd option up $100
4th Daniel Molloy 1/2 0.625kg 3rd option up $60
4th Ken Jackson 1/2 0.625kg       
5th Arthur Allen 1/2 0.515kg 4th option $50
6th Keith Mauch
Jonathon Box
Howard Althaus
Stuart France
Ray Bass
Ian Galloway
Jesper Noisen
Chris Osley
Jack Gold
Adrian Wilson
Ross Stacey
Henry Moggs
Courtney Muller
Wayne Baunach
Tara Baunach
Christian Manolea
Adrian Manolea
John Schwerin
Shaun Falkenhagen
Samantha Rutledge
Brian Rutledge
Cameron Baker
Glenn White
Alberto Fernaudez
Steven Mauch
Daniel Patton
Jason Shepherdson
David Green
Adam Rogers
Roy Souter
Shannon Souter
Adam McCaffrey
Shannon Rosson
Steve Noble
John Noble
Rory Saint
Simon Saint
Rob Hurman
Patrick Conduit