Maroon Stingy to Record field – Feb 27 BASS Electric Results

South East Queensland’s popular Maroon dam hosted 87 BASS Electric anglers, but was stingy with its fish, yielding a string of undersized and just-jegal bass for its competitors. Kalbar local, Peter “Carrot” Keidge captured his fourth BASS Electric event with a 2/2, 1.29kg bag.

Ipswich’s Craig Simmons’ 2/2, 1.20kg bag landed him second, while Dale Mullins (2/2, 1.08kg), Plinio Taurian (2/2, 1.04kg) and Dave Young (2/2, 1.02kg) filled out the top five and qualified for Convention.

Peter used a deep-fly presentation with a black Clouser minnow along the edges of the weed-reefs to catch the quality bass needed to top the large field.

“You can tell these ‘resident’ bass because the look darker than the rest of the schooling fish in the dam and these resident fish tend to hang around structure. Today, it was weed-reefs they were relating to, and the fly caught my two limit fish,” Carrot explained.

Second placed Craig Simmons cast Jackall lipless crankbaits near the dam wall to land his limit early.

“The bass were close to the weeed edge and it’d pop the lure off the bottom after a long cast. Most of the bass hit it on the drop,” Craig said.

Indeed, many anglers caught plenty of fish, but not nearly enough ober the 30cm fork length required for weighing.

$350 was donated to the Maroon Moogerah Fish Management Association inc, to help with the stocking of more bass. Last week, they released 85,000 fish into nearby Moogerah Dam. – Peter Morgan.

Pics are posted in the Bass Images gallery.


Peter Keidge 2 1.29 Qualify + Pack
Craig Simmons 2 1.2 Qualify + Pack
Dale Mullins 2 1.08 Qualify + Pack
Plinio Taurian 2 1.04 Qualify + Pack
David Young 2 1.02 Qualify + Pack
Mike Creighton 2 1.01
Jason Ehrlich 2 1.01
Roy Souter 2 0.98
Baden Sparrow 2 0.92
Gavin Dunne 2 0.92
Ian Galloway 2 0.9
Steve Tomlinson 2 0.88
Jamie Hardman 2 0.86
Elliott Fooks 1 0.68
Jesper Noiesen 1 0.6
Mike Delisser 1 0.56
Mark Mander 1 0.54
Rod Shorten 1 0.5
Trevor Schloss 1 0.48
Ken Morgan 1 0.46
Leigh Reid 1 0.46
John Ski 1 0.43
Kerry Ehrlich 1 0.4

Big Bass – Peter Keidge, 0.80kg

Anglers – 87

Boats – 53