BASS Pro R2 & R3 & BASS Electric Convention Changes

Skeeter Boats BASS Pro Series
two and three of the Skeeter Boats BASS Pro Series have been changed to
due to the recent influx of water in Lake Boondooma. Round two of the
series will now be held at Lake St Clair (2/3rd April) and round three
will be held at Lake Boondooma (18/19th June). The weekends for these
events remain the same, it’s just the venues that have been changed.

Blue Fin Boats BASS Electric Series
could not be granted by Seqwater to run the Blue Fin Boats BASS
Electric Convention on the scheduled date (18/19th September) at Borumba
so the decsion has been made, and Seqwater permission granted, to run
the event the week early on the 10/11th September. The final qualifying
round of the series was scheduled (also at Borumba) for this weekend,
but as a result has been dropped from the calendar. We will endeavour to
find an alternate date to run the Borumba round, but as most of your
aware it can be difficult to find a gap in the calendar to accomodate