Lostock Sends Five Anglers to Convention – Feb 20 BASS Electric Results

by Paul Gogarty

The first round of the “southern” leg of the Bass electric series was held at the Hunter Valleys Lostock Dam with a total of 43 anglers fishing from 26 boats on a cloudy Sunday morning.

All up 13 Bass managed to find their way to the scales on the Sunday afternoon but it was Tenambit’s Domanic Lieb who claimed first place with an impressive 3.00kg bag, comfortably out fishing Scone’s Ron Scott by 500g.

Lieb’s technique differed dramatically from the other top five anglers opting to target flat-lining fish with soft plastics. Fishing a hump around 50mts from the start area, Domanic found fish on his sounder and proceeded to target them with 3″ Pearl Blue Dropshot minnows rigged on 1/24oz Nitro Jigheads. “I was using heaver heads, but as soon as I dropped them amongst the fish you could see them scatter on the sounder, so I changed to a 1/24 head, and slowed right down and started to get results”. Domanic also picked up Big Bass with a 1.8kg fish, which upgraded one of his smaller Bass.

As with other top five placegetters Scone’s Ron Scott accrued his 2.5kg limit by slow rolling Jackall TN60’s along the drop-offs towards the rear end of the dam. “I managed a couple of small fish earlier on but the legal fish didn’t come till later”. Ron also mentioned that he didn’t mind fishing from the back of Justin’s new Triton!

Filling out the top five placings was, Tadashi Nishikura in third place with 1.5kg, 4th Gavin Baker 1.15kg, 5th place and the final convention berth went to Dean Edwards with a 1.1kg Bass.


Dominic Lieb 2 3.00 Qualify + Pack
Ron Scott 2 2.50 Qualify + Pack
Tadashi Nishikura 1 1.50 Qualify + Pack
Gavin Baker 1 1.15 Qualify + Pack
Dean Edwards 1 1.10 Qualify + Pack
Craig Forbes 1 0.90
Eddie Hayes 1 0.90
Andrew Low 1 0.85
Deborah Kowallzyk 1 0.75
Chris Bennett 1 0.70
Dave Stanton 1 0.60

Big Bass – Dom Lieb, 1.80kg