Bluefin BASS Electric – Danjeera Results, Feb 13 & Story

The first round of the Bluefinn Boats Bass Electric at Danjera Dam
for 2011 was held on Sunday morning we had a good turn out with 20 anglers
showing up.

The fishing conditions were, temps in the early twenties, heavy
cloud cover and the occasional misty rain.

The fishing was great for some, with
most anglers landing a few fish however many could not quite crack the magical

The pattern on the day was down to lightly weighted soft plastics and surface
presentations.  The victor of the comp
was Tony Downie with a winning bag of  1.490, his combination for  his two fish was 1/20th jig heads
and gulp soft plastics and also Tiemco soft shell cicada, which also cracked him
the big bass of the day.

In second place was Joe Pietraszkiewicz, Joe was also
using soft plastics and fished in deeper water in standing timber. Third place
went to Glenn Hayter, also going the finesse way fishing at the rear of the Dam.
Fourth place was Dave Trinder opted for a custom Spinnerbait, at points at the
rear of the dam casting through heavy timber.

Fifth place was awarded to Dave
Mann using 1/20th jig heads, with Gulp soft plastics casting into the
heavily timbered edges to get his two fish.

Thanks to all the competitors who
participated and also to my fishing partner, Mick Skinner for all his help on
the day and for the photos. Look forward to seeing everyone again in April for
the Danjera double header on the 8th and 9th.    
Cheers Dave Mann

Angler Fish Big Bass Weight
1 Tony Downie 2 0.905 1.49
2 Joe Pietraszkiewicz 2 1.455
3 Glenn Hayter 2 1.415
3 Dave Trinder 2 1.415
5 Dave Mann 2 1.405
6 Mick Skinner 2 1.245
7 Brett Dinham 2 1.175
8 Cole Hutchison 2 1.135
9 Peter Woods 2 1.12
10 Alec Hinkley 1 0.7
11 Brian Rutledge 1 0.62
12 Skip Small 1 0.525
13 Scott Hutchison 0 0
13 Ed Harrison 0 0
13 Scott Hinkley 0 0
13 Jeff McKee 0 0
13 Rodney Small 0 0
13 Bill Woods 0 0
13 Brenton Smith 0 0
13 Josh Carpenter 0 0