Carl's USA Schedule – as of Feb, 2011

Carl Jocumsen has sent us his tentative schedule for 2011. We’ll endeavour to have links to the tournament results up on this site, so that we can all follow his progress. It’s a good schedule – mixing some non-boating (to learn logal techniques) with some events as a boater in locations where he already has some confidence (and won’t get lost). Click through to see…

Carls 2011 U.S Tournament Schedule
Feb 12th 13th Won Bass Non Boater Lake Roosevelt
Feb 17th 20th going to watch the Bassmaster Classic in New Orleans, see the dream first hand!
Feb 21st Picking up the boat from Skeeter!
Feb 26th 27th Anglers Choice Tournament Lake Havasu Possible Boater?
Mar 1st 12th Boats shows at long Beach and San Diego
Mar 18th 19th Anglers Choice Tournament Clear Lake
Mar 26th 27th Won Bass Tournament Lake Havasu
April 1st Fly home for Visa reasons for 2 days then back for Delta Education!
April 16th 17th Won Bass Delta
April 28th 30th B.A.S.S Open Central Table Rock Lake Boater
May 2nd Heading East for B.A.S.S Opens and to watch Elites!
May 5th 7th Watching B.A.S.S Elite at West Point Lake
May 12th 14th Marshalling in the boat with B.A.S.S Elites Lake Murray Columbia
May 16th 31st Pre fishing Kentucky Lake and Douglas Lake
June 2nd 4th B.A.S.S Open Douglas Lake Non Boater
June 5th Heading back West
June 11th 12th Anglers Choice Tournament Clear Lake
June 15th 30th Pre fishing For the U.S Open Lake Mead
July 1st Fly home Visa
July 7th 8th B.A.S.S Northern Open James River Non Boater
July 18th 20th U.S Open at Lake Mead Boater
August 14th 15th Heading back East
August 25th 27th B.A.S.S Open Lake Erie Ohio Non Boater
Sep 1st 15th Pre fishing Local and Oneida for education
Sep 22nd 24th B.A.S.S Open Oneida Lake New York Possible Boater?
Sep 26th Fly Home
Oct 1st 14th Pre Fishing Lake Mead
Oct 15th 16th Won Bass Lake Mead Boater
Oct 29th 30th Bass West Tournament Clear Lake
This is as far as we have gotten so far as the Tournament season will be coming to an end for the year! And will start back up Mid January 2012! All these Tournaments may be subject to change throughout the year and there may be some FLW Tournaments as well, but I will keep you informed!