Rapala Clackin’ Crank & Clackin’ Minnow

More than just a noisy lure, the Clackin’ Series builds on
the proven success of the uniquely designed sound chamber first introduced in
2009 with the Clackin’ Rap. The single steel ball and trademark exposed rattle
chamber transmit a distinctive clackin’ sound and maximum vibration. In union
with the translucent bodies, the seductive flash of internal holographic foil
and the legendary Rapala swimming action, they create a full sensory
stimulation fish cannot resist.

The Clackin’ Crank is a unique crank bait style lure, an additional member to the famous “Clackin’ Family”; featuring a shad body profile with a depth specific lip design. This particular model, CNC53, stands for Clackin’ Crank 5cm, 3’ deep. Available in 8 X-Rap style colour patterns.

The Clackin’ Minnow features a slow-sinking minnow body profile with flat sides. The flat sides give this lure a slight modification of the classic Rapala “wounded-minnow” action. Available in 11cm, diving to 1.5m. 10 tantalizing colour patterns.