Rapala Jigging Rap

Designed by the Japanese Pro Fishermen, as a way of producing good captures throughout winter, the Rapala Jigging Rap has now hit the shores of Australia.

Vertical jigging for deep or suspended fish – pro anglers in their constant quest to out fish the competition sometimes go “outside the box” to make it to the winners circle. In the heat of summer, when big bass and bream are holding on sunken islands and other bottom structures, turn to a traditional winter lure, the Jigging Rap, that swims in tantalizing figure 8’s right in the middle of deep game fish, enticing an aggravated bite.

The unique hook setting of this particular lure ensures that no matter the angle of the strike, your quarry is going to get hooked – Rapala’s insurance policy; allowing the Jigging Rap to dance and twirl in its seductive manner whilst still providing an exceptional strike-to-hookup conversion rate.

Spectacular in the winter too, the Rapala Jigging Rap comes in 3cm, 5cm and 7cm in length; and in ten Japanese preferred colours found only in Japan and Australia.