Lake Moogerah Bass Electric – September 19th

With the forecast of rain for the comp on the
cards, it didn’t stop 22 keen anglers turning up for the last qualifing round of
the Bass electric series. Click through for results.

With the convention in two weeks, there were five spots up for grabs. Well, the heavy rain held off, with only a couple of light showers during the comp. With a good rise in the dam – now sitting at 62% – anglers hoped it would fire the bass up, and they certainly did, with 28 bass hitting the scales and most anglers catching plenty of undersize. With most anglers heading to the edges for there bag limits, it was no surprise to see all top five anglers catching their fish throwing Jackalls or blades to get their bags.

Coming in 1st was Daniel Molloy with 2 fish for 2.290kg and big bass of 1.475kg. Danny used a Daiwa Certate 2500 reel spooled with 10lb Finns and 12lb flourocarbon leader on a Loomis rod, fishing with Dave Bullard on the points down towards the timber. Danny’s weapon of choice was a VT-65 Ecogear, nailing his 2 keepers in two cast.

In 2nd place was Jack Gold with 2 fish for 2.020kg. Jack fished with his son Ben to the edges, with both of his fish falling to a TN50 Jackall Brown Dog. Jack used a Mojiko rod matched with a Pflueger reel spooled with 10lb line and 10lb leader.

Coming in 3rd was myself, Rory Saint, with 2 fish for 2.015kg. Fishing with Jason Lyons we worked up in the gorge, where I caught my fish in last year’s comp. Nailing both keepers on 1/2 ounce Evergreen Little Max blades to the edges, I used a custom made BarraBass rod made by Brad Clark with a Shimano 2500 Stella spooled with 4lb Crystal and 6lb flourocarbon leader.

In 4th place was Jason Lyons with 2 fish for 1.685kg after fishing the edges. Jason got one bass on a TN60 Jackall and one on 1/2 Evergreen Little Max Bluegill blade.

Finishing 5th was Glenn White with 2 fish for 1.470kg. Glenn also fished the edges and got his two bass on blades.

With four of the top five anglers already qualified – and most of the field – the count-back went right down to 14th spot, with Jason Sreketec, Luke Clark, John Bacon and Jason Lowe all off to the Bass Electric Convention at Lake Cania on the 2nd and 3rd of October.

Thanks to Jason Lyons for helping me run the comp. and letting me fish with you, cheers. Thanks to all for coming and to those who were lucky enough to qualify see you at the final.

Rory Saint


1st Daniel Molloy 2/2  2.290kg  B/B
Jack Gold 2/2  2.020kg  B/B  1.410kg
Rory Saint 2/2  2.015kg  B/B  1.380kg  Qualifier 1
Jason Lyons 2/2  1.685kg
Glen White 2/2  1.470kg
Ian Galloway 2/2  1.415kg
Steve McLean 2/2  1.340kg
John Bacon 2/2  1.250kg    Qualifier 2
Dale Mullins 2/2  1.240kg
Dave Bullard 2/2 1.200kg
Luke Clark 1/2  1.180kg   Qualifier 3
Jason Lowe 1/2  1.165kg  Qualifier 4
Jeff Herse 1/2  1.160kg
Jason Sreketec 1/2  .680g  Qualifier 5
Andrew Ryan 1/2  .540g
Mike Creighton 1/2  .505g
Joe Allan 1/2  .430g
Adrian Melchior
Albert Fernandez
Cameron Baker
James Lietzow
Ross Stacey