MACCAS IS BACK! BASS Electric Results Lake Macdonald Aug 1, 2010

A cool, calm morning greeted the 36 anglers
keen to contest the second and final ABT Bass Electric series held at
Lake Macdonald for 2010. Click through for full results and report.

Encouraged by recent reports of some
good size Bass being caught, the lads, and one lady, set off to their
fishing spots full of confidence only to see Jesper Noiesens new boat,
with one of those Torqeedo (9hp) electric motors attached, leave them
all in his wake. Unfortunately, Jespers speed failed to get him into
the top five, but he did weigh in a healthy Bass to grab 12th spot.

seems we could be entering a new era of electric comps with these great
motors pushing the boats around. But motors don’t catch fish, anglers

Macdonald regular Dale Ianna fished hard in the weed beds
to take out 5th place, weighing in two bass at 2.21kg. Dale, who rarely
finishes outside the top ten in any of the electric comps will be one
of ‘the ones to beat’ in this years convention at Cania.

special mention must go to Tewantins Sue Fleming. Sue once again proved
she can mix it with, and beat the guys. Fishing solo (while hubby Paul
helped me run the comp), ignoring Pauls advice and sticking to her own
plan. A plan that landed a total of eight legal Bass to take out 4th
place with a weighed bag of 2.24kgs. Sue picked a gap in the weeds at
the “3 ways” to rip a Nocki Gill TN60 Jackall through the tops of the
surrounding weeds. Fishing with a Pro Caster rod with an MG50 reel, she
lost no fish to the weeds while using 20lb braid with 20lb Vanish

3rd place went to Deception Bay lad, Jack Gold, another
elec comp regular. Fishing some open water near the “3 ways”, Jack
chose to slow roll a well worn Brown Dog TN60 Jackall down the weed
edge and through the open water to land his 2.37kgs of Bass. His second
fish of 1.43kg saw him tie the Big Bass award with 2nd place Paul

Paul fished with is ol’ fella Richard (who insists he
taught the youngster all he knows) They also chose to fish the “3 ways”
area, targeting the weed channels in around 3 – 5 metre depth. A mat
black TN60 was the lure of choice, attached to a Strudwick Sic Stick,
Daiwa Fleugo reel, 14lb spiderwire and 14 lb Vanish leader. Pauls
second fish of 1.43kg shared the Big Bass prize with Jack Gold. With
only 2 fish caught for the session, Paul was very happy with his bag
weight of 2.38 kg and his 2nd placing.

A well planned and
deserved 1st place was taken out by local lad Mathew Smith and his pet
Staffy, Mutley (aptly named due to its inability to bark). Matt and
Mutley are often seen on the lake catching fish while others aren’t.
chose one of his favorite spots near the Botanical gardens to land
eight Bass, a big ‘Toga and a slimey Eel. Larger fish often come from
this area and Sunday was no different. Fishing paralell to the weed
edges, Matt used his favorite Daiwa spin rod and Sol 3000 reel spooled
with 16lb braid and 16lb Nitlon leader whilst alternating between a
TN60 and a TT blade to catch his bag of 2.56kg.

It was great to
see so many bigger fish brought to the scales and with only 35 grams
separating 5th and 1st place, the weigh in was exciting as the leader
board changed constantly. While some anglers failed to weigh in any
‘legals’, most caught many of the ‘just undersized’ Bass that inhabit
the lake. Once again proving that Maccas is getting close to once again
being an excellent fishery and tournament location. Next year those big
Bass will be bigger and those “just undersized”, will be legal.

like to thank all competitors for making the comp a friendly and
sharing day, especially Jack Gold. After coming in early to weigh his
fish, he loaned his batteries to fellow competitor Baden Sparrow, so he
and his young lad Mathew, could complete the final hour or so of the
session. Well done Jack!.

I’d also like to thank Paul Fleming
for giving up his fishing time to assist with the comp. Another big
thank you goes to Troy (son of Jim) Park and the lovely Lily for
providing the usual sausage sizzle. Always appreciated by the anglers
after a long session on the water.

Oh, all right then, yes,
we did miss Mark Pertots ugly mug, but at least no fish were dropped
out of the weigh in bag onto the concrete! Mark is currently working
and living in Cairns.

Good luck to all those anglers that qualified for the convention after fishing a Maccas comp this year. See you all in 2011.

Cheers, Mal Favager.

1- Mathew Smith 2/2 – 2.56kg
2- Paul Holmberg 2/2 – 2.38
3- Jack Gold 2/2 – 2.37
4- Sue Fleming 2/2 – 2.24
5- Dale Ianna 2/2 – 2.21
6- Shane Anderson 2/2 – 1.67
7- Craige Floyd 2/2 – 1.38
8- Johnathon Ward 2/2 – 1.17
9- Richard Holmberg 1/2 – 0.92
10- Jesper Noiesen 1/2 – 0.88
10- Les Barber 1/2 – 0.88
12- Darren Harris 1/2 – 0.75
13- Troy Ward 1/2 – 0.65
14- No Fish
Stephen Turner
Stuart France
Micheal Grimes
Rob Hinton
John Noble
Steve Noble
Paul Phillips
Graham Dodds
Glenn White
Cameron Baker
Robert Ottersen
Wayne Sytenning
Tom Burton
Mathew Sparrow
Baden Sparrow
Dean Buchanon
John Dell
Andrew Baunach
Josh Wall
Jason Lyons
Shaun Falkenhagen
Tim Steenhuis