Lake Macdonald Wet, Windy and Tough – Feb 13 BASS Electric Results

By Mark Pertot

34 anglers braved wet and windy conditions at Cooroy’s Lake Macdonald on the 13th February for the BASS Electric round.

The overall winner for the event was local lad, Peter James. Peter weighed in two bass for a total of 3.72kg. Peter caught his fish on spinnerbaits near the dam wall.

With 34 anglers competing for entry into this years convention, only 8 bass made it to the weighmaster’s scales.

Peter’s 3.72 kg bag eclipsed Barry Oxford’s very respectable 3.1kg bag, with Scott Camerons 2.2kg bass earning him 3rd place and the Big Bass prize.

Making up the top 5 were, Brad Rae with one fish at 1.15 kg and Bob Johnson’s one fish at 0.550 kg. Paul Holmberg also weighed in a fish at 0.450 kg.

Fresh from reading John Schofield’s article in the 2004 tournament guide, Peter worked out a plan. When the majority of the field headed for the upper reaches, Peter headed for the dam wall where he fished a stretch of bank from the pumphouse to the spillway.

Peter used a gold 1/2 oz spinnerbait, cast parrallel to the weed edge and retrieved it slowly back to the boat. This technique landed Peter his first bass of 2.07 kg. after 30 minutes. Soon after, due to the windy conditions, he changed to a 3/4 oz. purple shad Horizon spinnerbait and repeated the process which soon landed his second fish of 1.65 kg. Peter was very happy with his early bag but failed to land any more bass for the day.

He fished his spinnerbaits on a Daiwa Heartland rod and a Daiwa Millionaire reel loaded with 20lb Platil Millenium braid and 20lb Penn 10X leader.

60 year old Barry Oxford, a plant training and admin manager from Leichhardt, had to settle for second place after fishing halfway up the dam at Frys Run.
Barry used a similar technique to Peter, casting a gold TN70 Jackall parralell to the weed edge, counting the lure down 4 seconds before retrieving it at a medium pace back to the boat.

Barry landed 5 bass in total for the session using a G-Loomis CBR-783 rod and a Shimano Chronarch SF reel, loaded with 10lb Fireline and 14lb Vanish leader.

This was an exceptional effort from Barry, considering he fished almost the whole session with an Ecogear bibless minnow lure embedded firmly and painfully in his right (face) cheek after a tangle with a weedbed. Too old and too slow was his excuse for the wound.

The 2.2kg Big Bass of the day was caught by 44 year old Scott Cameron from Yandina using a 1/2 oz gold TT Vortex spinnerbait on an Angler rod with a Shimano Chronarch SF reel loaded with 20lb Tuffline and 20lb Nitlon leader. Scott fished the weed edges around the ‘three ways’ area.- Mark Pertot


Peter James 2 3.72 Pack + Qualify
Barry Oxford 2 3.1 Pack + Qualify
Scott Cameron 1 2.2 Pack + Qualify
Brad Rae 1 1.15 Pack + Qualify
Bob Johnson 1 0.55 Pack + Qualify
Paul Holmberg 1 0.45
John Bain 0 0
Cameron Ball 0 0
Peter Curro 0 0
Graham Dodds 0 0
Alan Donald 0 0
Keith Fittkau 0 0
Paul Fleming 0 0
Sue Fleming 0 0
Ian Galloway 0 0
Andy Gunn 0 0
Richard Holmberg 0 0
Damien Hunt 0 0
Barry Jackson 0 0
Brock Klar 0 0
Angus McDermott 0 0
Briana McDermott 0 0
Scott McKenzie 0 0
Steve McLean 0 0
John McPherson 0 0
Ross Paulger 0 0
Payl Phillips 0 0
Tony Robinson 0 0
Nathan Sewell 0 0
John Schofield 0 0
Steve Kanowski 0 0
James Stevens 0 0
Mike Weger 0 0
Tony Yates 0 0

Big Bass – Scott Cameron, 2.20kg.