Cressbrook Electric Aug 1

26 anglers fronted up for another chance to qualify for the Electric convention. The day started out like an early spring day and everyone was enthusiastic after hearing reports of a good pre fish. Unfortunately only three anglers were able to catch legal bass. Roy Souter blitzed the field with his 2 bass limit weighing in an impressive 1.708kg’s. Roy also took out the big bass with a 961gram bass. Roy fished a school up the Bull Creek Arm and sitting in 30 feet of water would cast a smoke yellow core slider on a ½ oz nitro dam deep jig head. Roy would let the slider sink to the bottom and only wind 3-4 times before allowing it to drop to the bottom. Roy only caught the two bass but they were the ones that counted. Roy used a Starlo Stix rod with a Shimano Sustain spooled with 4lb Fireline.

2nd place went to Fish N Bits angler Ashley Simms who presented one bass for 490 grams. Ashley reports that he also fished schooling fish up the Bull Creek arm and was sitting in 16 feet of water. Using his Millerods Bass Buster Extra Finesse with a Shimano Saros 1000, Ashley would cast his Avocado Gold Atomic Ripperz on a 3/8 oz nitro dam deep and let it sink to the bottom. Ashley would use short rips off the bottom to tempt his bass. Ashley failed to convert two other hits to land any further fish.

Coming in 3rd place was Tom Reynolds who fished the other end of the dam up the Cressbrook Creek end. Using a different lure, Tom hopped a ¼ oz Little Max blade with his Daiwa Sol rod and reel spooled with 8lb Sunline. Tom said that his bass took the lure on the drop after a cast. Tom was just pipped by Ashley after his bass weighed in at 485 grams.

I would like to thank all the anglers for the three events that Tania and I ran this year for their patience and making the events run smoothly. We look forward to fronting up again in 2011 and hope the fishing at Cressbrook improves as the water level increases.

Brad & Tania Clark

Place Angler Fish Weight Big Bass
1 Roy Souter 2 1.708 0.961
2 Ashley Sims 1 0.49
3 Tom Reynolds 1 0.485
4 Ian Galloway
4 Rex Mildren
4 Kevin Nothourft
4 Howard Althaus
4 Brett Kleinschmidt
4 Josh Cruice
4 John Bacon
4 David McDonald
4 James Wilson
4 Dale Mullins
4 Simon Mullins
4 Adam Rogers
4 Cody Haynes
4 Rory Saint
4 Brad Freiberg
4 Chris Osley
4 Simon Barkhuizen
4 Glyn Barkhuizen
4 Charles West
4 Adrian Wilson
4 Ross Murray
4 Courtney Connelly
4 Shannon Souter