Wivenhoe BASS Electric- 18th July

The first Lake Wivenhoe stop of the 2010 MotorGuide BASS
Electric Series delivered anglers a glimpse of what the venue is capable of,
XOS bass, but for the most part offered anglers frustration and motivation to
turn things around at the next event, next week.

With only 19 fish hitting the scales for the 34 angler field,
competitors had no trouble locating fish with their sounders, getting them to
bite however proved a whole other challenge.

With anglers struggling to find active schools, those who
switched tactic and headed to the edges in search of active fish hunting in the
shallows reaped the benefits. One angler made the most of the edge bite, with
Gold Coast basser Joe Allan breaking through for his maiden BASS Electric win,
with his 1/2, 2.50 kg bag.

The standout bag and individual bass of the tournament,
Allan picked up his winning bass fishing a rocky cliff edge on the northern
shore leading out of Logans Inlet. Tempted by a ghost blue gill colour Jackall
TN60, the bass smashed the lure within three cranks of the reel handle and
powered off hard, a tell-tail sign that Allan was onto a big fish.

“I’d caught one small fish before the big one bit and I new
as soon as it charged off that I had a good on,” explained Allan.

The presentation was classic Wivenhoe edge fishing with
Allan positioning the boat in about 18-20 feet and casting tight to the edge
before sinking the lure to the bottom and starting a dead slow retrieve that
had the lure just ticking over it worked its way through the water.

Caught at around 10am it was Allan’s only legal fish for the
session, but would prove enough to deliver him victory and relegate previous
Wivenhoe place getter Kerry Erhlich to second place.

The tackle Allan used to secure the win included a 6’6″
Samurai Reaction 251 rod, Daiwa Steez 103H reel, 15lb Unitika Power Jigging PE
and 14lb Unitika fluorocarbon leader.

For event runner Kerry Erhlich is was another consistent
performance on the Hoe with the Toowoomba basser opting for an edge bite
presentation to catch his limit.

“I tried the schools but they just weren’t biting,”
explained Ehrlich.

Fishing the shoreline leading out from Logans Inlet, Ehrlich
like Allan opted for a Jackall TN60 to catch his fish, using a orange/bronze
coloured model as his money bait and using it with a slow roll-pause retrieve.

“The pause on the retrieve was the key to success with both
fish hitting the lure as it stalled and started shimmering towards the bottom,”
explained Ehrlich.

Both fish hit the lure in about 6 feet of water, with the
first fish landed about 8am and the second one joining it in the well at

With many anglers persevering with the inactive schools it
was Ehrlich’s willingness to change tact and try something different that
delivered him another podium finish.

The next round of the MotorGuide BASS Electric Series sees
the tour back at Wivenhoe, 25th July, for the rescheduled event from
June 20th.

With winter now in full swing and the bass on the move at
Wivenhoe a week could see it all turn around and Hoe’s legendary big bass on
the chew. Make sure you don’t miss out. For event details contact ABT (07) 3387

Place Name Fish Weight Big Bass
1 Joe Allan 1 2.5
2 Kerry Ehrlich 2 2.485 1.34
3 Jonathon Box 2 2.1 1.455
4 Daniel Molloy 2 1.98 1.51
5 Mike Connolly 2 1.875
6 Jack Gold 2 1.645
7 Ricky Simmons 1 1.575
8 Shaun Falkenhagen 2 1.465
9 Tom Burton 2 1.06
10 Jonathon Ward 1 0.995
11 Rory Saint 1 0.935
12 Ian Galloway 1 0.615
13 Adrian Wilson
13 Alberto Fernandez
13 Andrew Baunach
13 Brett Kleinschmidt
13 Brad Freiberg
13 Chris Osley
13 Cody Haynes
13 Charles West
13 David West
13 Glyn Barkhuizen
13 Glenn White
13 Jesper Noiesen
13 Jeff Herse
13 Jason Lowe
13 Jason Lyons
13 Josh Wall
13 Josh Cruice
13 Ray Bass
13 Stuart France
13 Simon Barkhuizen
13 Tom Reynolds
13 Vinnie Bleakley
19 19.23