Col Claims Clarrie Again – Feb 6 BASS Electric Results

by Simon Goldsmith

On a typically hot and windless summer’s day on Clarrie Hall Dam, Brisbane Tiler Col Singleton overcame the liability of a late start and a late finish time penalty to to keep the other competitors at bay, and claim the Clarrie Hall BASS Electric title for the second successive year.

One of the few anglers on the dam to consistently catch fish beyond the early morning bite period Singleton opted for a technique that was as reactive as it was simple.

Focusing his attention on the lily and weed punctuated points throughout the dam, Singleton utilized the shallow running presentation of a lipless crankbait to capture his 2/2, 1.72kg limit.

Positioning his boat adjacent to the vegetated fringes, Singleton cast his lure tight against the lily face, running it parallel along the face of the structure on its journey back to the rod tip.

The speed and execution of the process was relatively straight forward, as Singleton explained. “I’d cast the lure to edge of the weedline, swap the rod to the other hand after the lure touched down, engage the reel straight away, then begin the retrieve”. “In the majority of cases the lure was running no deeper than 1-2 feet”, Singleton further added.

The intensity of the strikes in most cases were bone shaking, and by Singleton’s reasoning was largely a result of retrieving the lure at quite a fast speed.

In compiling his 30+ fish tally for the event Singleton, opted for a Baitcaster setup, comprised of a 6’6”, 4kg, Strudwick TPS rod, a Chronarch 100 SF reel, spooled with 10lb Yamatoyo Super PE, that was topped off with 10lb Razor Flurocarbon leader.
His lure of choice was a step away from the omnipresent Jackall, to an equally Japanese designed, Ecogear VT65.

Leading the chasing pack of competitors was second place getter and Big Bass winner Ian Galloway. With a 2/2, 1.55kg limit, Galloway’s limit was made up of the only two fish he caught for the entire day. Plucked from a rock encrusted and lily lined bank located near the middle to lower reaches of the dam, Galloway tempted his fish with a Mask Vib60 (natural tone), free falled to the bottom and slowly retrieved back to the boat. His outfit of choice for presenting his offering included a Black Diamond Bass Predator 6’6”, 2-4kg rod, Daiwa TDS Baitcaster, spooled with 15lb Penn Braid, and 20lb Vanish leader.

Galloway’s kicker fish in his bag also provided him with the Big Bass badge and prize for the event, along with boasting rights for the 910 gram specimen.

With 35 boats and 54 anglers taking part in the event it provided a great start to a new season of tournament bass fishing.

The MotorGuide BASS Electric Series continues on its journey, moving to the waters of Lake Bullen Merri (Victoria) and Lake McDonald on the 13th February for the third and fourth round of the series. For information on the series and the rest of the ABT tournaments check out the 2005 Tournament Angler Guide, or the ABT websites,, or

John SKI 2 1.44
Paul GRAY 2 1.40
Tri TAN 2 1.40
Michael BELL 2 1.35
Barry OXFORD 2 1.27
Scott EVANS 2 1.26
Ricky SIMMONS 2 1.22
Tony PAYNE 2 1.22
Adrian MELCHIOR 2 1.08
Col WILEY 2 1.05
Danny ROBINSON 2 1.04
Mike WEGER 2 0.97
Paul MALONEY 2 0.97
Peter HERBST 2 0.95
Plinio TAURIAN 2 0.95
Bob HADLEY 1 0.76
Dion WALKER 1 0.75
Andrew DYSON 1 0.69
Julian GASCOINE 1 0.56
Rod SHORTEN 1 0.54
Jesper NOIESEN 1 0.50
Joel QUINLAN 1 0.50
Alex BARANOFF 1 0.49
Allan PRICE 1 0.48
Hans JENSEN 1 0.47
Heath BLAKIE 1 0.47
Adam BOWEN 0 0.00
Baden SPARROW 0 0.00
Bill BLAKIE 0 0.00
Brad RAE 0 0.00
C McDERMOT 0 0.00
Chris ESTERICH 0 0.00
Dan MALLORY 0 0.00
Graeme BIELFELD 0 0.00
Graham DODDS 0 0.00
Graeme JEBREEN 0 0.00
John WILLIAMS 0 0.00
John COSTELLO 0 0.00
Keith FITTAU 0 0.00
Luke PYRE 0 0.00
Mark SMALL 0 0.00
Matthew TILLING-SHAROFF 0 0.00
Megan ESTRICH 0 0.00
Michael DAUTH 0 0.00
Paul BATSON 0 0.00
Peter McMAHON 0 0.00
Robert ANDERSON 0 0.00
Scott SUTHERLAND 0 0.00
Steve McLEAN 0 0.00
Tony vanROOY 0 0.00