Sunline Shooter Metan

Few fishing line brands are hotter
globally at the moment than Sunline. The number one brand in Japan for the last
ten years, Sunline in recent times has emerged as one of the go-to brands in
Australia, particularly with our tournament bream, bass and barra
For Aussie anglers Sunline has been
available locally for the last 15 years thanks to fishing tackle importers and
wholesalers EJ Todd, well known importers of G.Loomis rods and Lucky Craft

Synonymous with performance and quality Sunline’s family of lines is
forever evolving as they strive to bring us the newest line technology
available, a cutting edge trait that is typical of most Japanese tackle


Fluorocarbon lines have perhaps
received the most attention and developments in recent years. A hot ticket item
with tournament anglers and spooled up on reels with increasing regularity
fluorocarbon is seen and used as one of the must have tools to give anglers the
edge on tough tournament waterways. Used as a leader option or fished in a
straight through capacity fluorocarbon possesses beneficial traits such as
increased density and transparency over more traditional mono and nylon

Taking these two characteristics and
evolving them even further is the new Shooter Metan FC. Taking the transparency
thing to the next level, the Shooter Metan features a segmented colour change
every 35cms that breaks up the constant straight-line appearance of the line,
making it even harder to see to underwater.

Hitting our shores in April to
promote the Shooter Metan was Japanese Sunline Bass Pro Katsutoshi Furusawa. A
regular performer in the JB bass tournament series in Japan and the FLW Tour in
the US, Katsutoshi, or Kats as he’s more affectionately referred to took the
opportunity to fish the Somerset BASS Pro while here on his promotional tour.
One of the biggest events on the Quantum BASS Pro Series calendar, Kats got to
rub shoulders with Aussie tournament bassers and experience their tackle needs,
uses and patterns.

The Shooter Metan he sees, as does EJ
Todd, as one of the lines most suited to Australian conditions and bass.
Available in Shooter Invisible and Shooter Green, both designed with bass
specifically in mind and for waterways where the fishing is tough and the need
for increased stealth is required.

The benefits of the Shooter Metan
Invisible option is obvious and is best suited to shallow water presentations
and high pressured fishing. The Shooter Metan Green in contrast is a blend of
the three different greens and is designed for fishing around weed, moss and
waterways that have a green tint to the water.

A host of line strengths are
available catering to a range of target species, with sizes ranging from 2lb
(100 metre spools) up to 30lb (75 metre spools).

With the tournament scene
growing each year and anglers constantly on the hunt for that special edge the
new Sunline Metan is sure to gain a lot of attention.

FACT BOX- Angler Profile  

Name– Katsutoshi Furusawa
Age– 42 years
Location– Tokyo, Japan
Profession– Tackle Store Owner (Flutter tackle
stores), Tournament Bass Pro
Sponsors– Sunline, Ranger Boats USA, Yamaha,
Office, ZPI, Timko, Kenichi Katsu, Flutter, Dan Won, Sports Fishing

Notes– On his Australian Trip 2010 Kats was hosted by
Graham Todd and Trent Short from EJ Todd and fished the 2010 Somerset BASS Pro
round, 24/25th April. His fished the tournament as a non-boater and delivered a
presentation at the tournament briefing outlining his bass tournament experience
and the new products from Sunline. In addition to the tournament Kats visited
some of SE Queensland’s tackle stores and fished the Clarence River in northern
NSW catching an assortment of saltwater species including jewfish, bream and

For more info on Kats visit