BP BASS Electric- 30th May

A sunny day saw 17 anglers attend the BP Electric brimming with water. With tough fishing conditions there were plenty of little fish caught but only 3 legals. 5th place was a lucky draw and that went to Tom Reynolds, 4th was also a draw and that went to John Davies jnr. In 3rd place with 1/2 fish for a weight of 514g was Charles West catching his fish on a black and gold tn60 jackall casting to the edges. In 2nd place with 1/2 fish for 640g was Chris Horne catching his fish by casting an Ecogear SX48 on a Ben Pilch rod ripping out of the weed on the banks.

Champion angler was a BP dam regular Les Barber catching 1/2 fish for 654g on a 1/4 Bassman spinnerbait slow rolling along the banks.

Thanks to everyone for coming and the fishing should be red hot for the last BP Electric on the 29th of August. Hope to see everyone there. Cheers Will Schloss

Place Angler Fish Weight
1 Les Barber 1 654g
2 Chris Horne 1 640g
3 Charles West 1 514g
4 David Bullard
4 John Davies JNR
4 Michael Turner
4 Robert Butler
4 Steven Turner
4 Bill Schloss
4 Jacinda Schloss
4 Adrion Wilson
4 Tom Reynolds
4 Dean Buchanan
4 Robert Ottesen
4 R Kersuduske
4 Chris Croke
4 James Cleggett