Torqeedo Grand Electric Series Round 1

A light spitting rain had everyone grabbing
for the wet weather gear at 5.30 but there was no need for the panic as the day
turned out perfect all but a little breezy. 57 anglers turned up to pit their prowess
against each other and the legendary Wivenhoe xos bass.  44 fish were presented and 8 people nominated
for the “Platinum marine series biggest bass” the big bass ranged from 1.2 kgs
to the largest, a very respectable 2.535 kg brute caught by Rod Shorten. Rod is
now is in the lead for $500 + prizes for largest bass in series over all.

Torqeedo unveiled a space age vessel that
looked like something from a James bond movie. Gold rush on the Gold Coast were
commissioned to build this vessel based on their original mould. It was made
for the owners of Torqeedo in Germany.
The latest version was a High Tec carbon fibre 5.5m vessel weighing in at a
paltry 120kgs. For those interested its top speed is 22kph with a single 10 hp
Torqeedo electric engine. All that carbon graphite, was a sight to see,
something I’ll be proud to say “I was there that day and I saw it” I’m sure it
will be spoken about for some time. Carbon fibre is extremely expensive and
we’ll be lucky to see the likes of this vessel again.

Somebody whom might not have the boat but
will be very competitive next time we see him is Rory Saint as he managed to
take out 1st prize a $2600 Torqeedo Electric Motor. Rory used a 7ft custom
Brad Clarke barra-bass overhead spiral wrapped rod matched to his Shimano MG 100
core was the sole reason he was able to flick his Purple and yellow ½ ounce
Jackall Spinnerbait the huge distance required. His boating partner Jason Lyons
positioned the boat some distance from the spot in an attempt not to scare the
fish as Jason knew this was his purple patch and more than one fish was coming
from his spot x. It worked and as they say the rest is history. 2nd to 10th enjoyed their Atomic and hardbodz packs with several high
profile anglers commenting on the successes they have had with the hardz range.

Grand Electric Series Top 10 Placing  

Rory Saint
Mike Weger
Rod Shorten
Daniel Molloy
Adrian Wilson
Ricky Simmons
Ian Galloway
Simon Barkuizen
Kerry Ehrlich
10th   Shaun Falkenhagen