Lake MacDonald Bass Electric Apr 11

Twenty seven anglers enjoyed a excellent mornings fishing with many anglers landing up to 20 fish for the session. Whilst many fish were just under size, 23 good legal fish were brought to the scales.

Taking out his first ever tournament win was a delighted Frank Distefano of Golden Beach. Frank fished from the back of Jesper Noiesens boat casting a TN60 Bloodline Jackall into weeds with a slow and pausing retrieve to land nine good fish for the day. Franks successful outfit consisted of a Shimano T-Curve rod with a Daiwa Fuego reel spooled with 8lb Crystal Fireline and 14lb Nitlon leader. To make his win even sweeter, Frank took out the Big Bass prize with a fish weighing 1.308kg

Fifth place went to local lad Paul Fleming with his two fish weighing a total of 1.782 kg. Paul fished the channels within the weeds around the three ways area using many different lures. Catching a total of eight legal fish, Paul was happy with his session, while his wife Sue was also happy to qualify along side him, finishing lower down at 9th in the field.

Fourth place was taken by Dave Bullard who used his successful pre fish to create a plan for the day. Dave caught 25 fish for the session, with his weighed bag of 1.796 kg. Also fishing the three ways area, Dave fished the weed edges at around fifteen feet alternating between his home made blade lures and a black TN60 Jackall. Hopping and ripping the lures through the weeds was Daves’ key to a very good session.

Narangas’ Jack Gold took out 3rd spot with a total of 12 legal, with a weighed bag of 1.888 kg. Jack, like most of the field, fished around the three ways, but in around 6 metres of water where he slow rolled a Brown Dog TN50 Jackall.

Closely beating Dave with a bag of 1.908kg, was regular place getter Jonathan Ward. Using 8lb Famell SW PE braid with 8lb Nitlon leader, spooled onto a Daiwa Caldia Kix reel, attached to a G Loomis SJR8400S rod, Jonathan again fished weed edges and schooled fish to land 10 fish for the session.

Other qualifiers were father and son team Paul & Richard Holmberg. Both regulars on the electric tourny scene, they were delighted to qualify while finishing 6th and 8th in the field.

Organisers Mark and Mal would like to thank all who attended, with special thanks to the Lake Macdonald stocking group president Jim Park for putting on his regular, much appreciated sausage sizzle. A total of $130 was donated to the stocking group.

The Lake Macdonald fishing club have special permission to hold a fishing session below the spillway next Sunday (18th) to retrive fish that have been washed over the wall during recent rains. These regular sessions often relocate between 40 – 50 fish back into the dam. Over the last 14 months, around 600 fish have been relocated.

1. Frank Distefano 2/2 – 2.266kg. Big bass 1.308kg.
2. Jonathan Ward 2/2 – 1.908kg
3. Jack Gold 2/2 – 1.888kg
4. Dave Bullard 2/2 – 1.796kg
5. Paul Fleming 2/2 – 1.782kg.
6. Paul Holmberg 2/2 – 1.558kg.
7. Dale Ianna 2/2 – 1.535kg
8. Richard Holmberg 2/2 – 1.364kg.
9. Sue Fleming 2/2 – 1.344kg.
10. Jesper Noiesen 2/2 – 1.336kg
11. Jason Lyons 1/2 – 0.837kg
12. Michael Turner 1/2 – 0.559kg
13. Shane Anderson 1/2 – 0.468kg
14. Josh Wall 0/2
Les Barber 0/2
Stephen Turner 0/2
Ian Galloway 0/2
John Noble 0/2
Steve Noble 0/2
Gary Rich 0/2
Paul Phillips 0/2
Bill Jones 0/2
Robert Bartlett 0/2
Tim Steinhaus 0/2
Robert Ottesen 0/2
Dean Buchanan 0/2
John Dell 0/2