NSW Bassin Rd 3

Full Scale / Berkley No 1 on the water baby.

56 teams headed to Lake St Clair for R3 of the 2010 Bassin series. In what was the toughest bite in Bassin’s 2 year history, only 100 Bass were returned back to the weigh master over the 2 day event. The conditions were perfect but the Bass just didn’t want to bite, bringing most teams to there knee’s wondering what they had to do just to get on the board. No team weighed in their full limit of 12 fish.

But one team came close though. David Williamson and Ryan Jones from Team Full Scale / Berkley went into day 1 with a plan that worked a treat. The boys vertically slow rolled Berkley Gulp minnow grubs in Camo colour and targeted fish in the 30 to 40 foot mark. Ryan said that once we found the fish you had to get them to follow the Gulp down to the bottom and once you got them to do that you would generally get a strike on the first couple of turns back up. David and Ryan moved between a couple of spots they found on pre fish day trying to find those active fish. If the fish wouldn’t bite they would go to their other location only to return later. The boys weighed in 11 fish for 7.380kg and took home around $2000.00 in cash and prizes.

In second place we had the ever consistent Team Mako who also slow rolled Gulp grubs and targeted Bass in deep water. Greg Parkes and Steve Almond in the last two rounds have showed some great form finishing 1st at Glenbawn and 2nd at Lake St Clair. The points that they have received for the last 2 rounds will go a long way to keeping them up at the top of the Team of the year point score. Greg and Steve weighed in 9 fish for 6.83kg.

Colin Ipsen and Brad Chambers “Team Woodstock “decided to ease up on the drinking and secured 3rd place. The boys landed their fish throwing spinner baits and plastics to the edges. Colin said that they kept their boat in around 6m of water and over suspended fish hoping that one would come up to the edge to feed. The bites were very few and far between but we just kept persisting with our technique, and it worked. 8 fish for 5.020kg

First placed Junior was Ryan Jones, 3 fish for 2.47kg. Second place was “Chick Magnet “Jack Jones, 2 fish for 1.51kg and third place was Dylan Glover with 1 fish for 800 grams. Well done
The EvaKool Big Bass went to Wes Smith with 1.80 kg. Wes said that he was just plain lucky, throwing a jackal smack bang on top of its head. Too modest I think Wes.

The Bassman Spinnerbaits encouragement award went to Team Acko for their consistant efforts in not catching many fish so far this year lol. But they keep on turning up and that shows some great ticker along with a lot of other teams, but hopefully you all will get to experience a great bite soon.

Hope you all had a good time and hopefully R4 Glenbawn on the 15th May will see the Bass biting their heads off.