New Ecogear Aqua

The NEW Ecogearaqua 100% biodegradable “3” Bug Ants” soft baits
and Ecogear “Stocker” storage containers have arrived in Australia!
Ecogearaqua is a hybrid of lure and bait technology which has been
developed in Japan over the past 6 years in the
Ecogear laboratories.

Ecogearaqua products and material has been successfully
tested in Japan and
Australia on both fresh and saltwater

Ecogearaqua baits are scientifically designed to emit the most
potent formula of fish attracting amino acids into the surrounding water whilst
delivering extremely concentrated bursts of attractants when fish strike.

Visit the JML web site at for more details. A proven winning formula of scent, action and colour, the Ecogearaqua 3′ Bug Ants and Ecogear Stocker will be a must have for anglers this