Danjeera BASS Electric- 11th April

anglers fronted up to the stunning Danjera Dam, for windy but otherwise great

place Dave Trinder he scored a whopping 2.025kg bag, for Danjera this is an
exceptional result. Dave also took out the Big Bass with 1.145kg fish. This was
Dave’s first trip to Danjera; it was great to see him make the trip
and obviously well with it. However the day did not go all Dave’s way when his
luck ran out and he hit a submerged stump snapping off his rear electric motor,
which now rests at the bottom of the dam.

Mann took out 2nd place with a 1.483kg bag, casting Jackall TN50’s and lightly
weighted soft plastics to the shaded edges and into the submerged timber at the
rear of the dam.

3rd place was Ben Pearce with a 1.350kg bag, fishing with Dave Trinder he used
a spread from Dave tackle box.
place when to Glenn Hayter with a 1.295kg bag, his approach was with soft
plastics to the rear of the dam. 

Harrison secured 5th place with a 1.245kg bag, Ed was determined catch his 2
fish for the day, he headed to the rear of the dam casting Bassman Spinnerbaits
to timbered edges and steep banks.

to all who attended 

1st- Dave Trinder              2.205kg      BB
2nd-Dave Mann                1.483kg
3rd-Ben Pearce               1.350kg
4th- Glenn Hayter             1.295kg
5th-Ed Harrison               1.245kg
6th-Tony Downie             1.230kg
7th-Joe Pietraszkiewicz    1.125kg
8th-Steve Lawrance          0.750kg
9th-Craig Williams           
10th-Brain Rutledge            0.635kg
11th-Bill Woods                  0.560kg